Change Your iPhone’s Default Browser

I saw this article earlier today over on since I know a large percentage of our readers are also iPhone users I figured I’d share it with you here. There is an app in the Cydia store named Browser Changer that is free to download that will allow you to change your default browser.

This is a very cool to be able to do this if you rely on other browsers other then just Safari. I know I use Skyfire myself to watch my flash videos so to be able to use it all the time instead would be a nice addition. Besides Skyfire though, there are plenty of other great browsers that are available that add more functionality then Safari has, so if you use them then you might want to check out Browser Changer. For more information on this, check out the original article over on as they go into it a little more then I am, rumor is that it might even work on the iPad.

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