Deus Ex: Human Revolution Wrap Up Coverage

I hope all of last weeks Deus Ex: Human Revolution coverage sparked your interested into the game. We really wanted to respark everyones interest who might have forgotten about the game or ignite the interest of those that might not have even heard of it (really, who hasn’t heard of Deus Ex though?). Personally I was a huge fan of the first one, playing it and beating it so many times just because it was something new at the time to us gamers, a FPS that wasn’t quite an FPS. It was a game that wasn’t linear, a game that you could customize your character and get sucked into a really deep story. From the looks of it, Human Revolution will be a great addition to the franchise and I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on it. Well, back to the originally meaning of this post, for those of you that might have missed any coverage that we put up last week, here is all of our coverage in a nice little bundle for you. Hope you enjoy.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Screenshots
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preview Event
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Interview With Jean-François Dugas
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Interview With Steve Szczepkowski
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Video Blowout

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