Indie Games Winter Uprising

The first week of December, be sure to stop by the indie games section of Xbox live. That’s when the Indie Games Winter Uprising begins, a week-long event meant to put the spotlight on the small section of the marketplace.
A few of the many releases include Cthulhu Saves The World (the follow-up to Zeboyd’s Breath Of Death 7), an updated Hypership Out Of Control, and Soulcaster 2. There’s several more being released as well, which should provide something for just about everyone. I personally am looking forward to checking just about all of these releases. While the indie section can be hit or miss, there are some truly wonderful titles in there, most of which are made by the studios behind all of these upcoming releases. Here’s hoping that the Winter Uprising helps to put the indie section in the spotlight more than it already is. Support good games, everyone.

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