Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Vehicles

As you Need for Speed fans know already tomorrow is the day Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit will be zooming into your favorite console.  So we thought you might want a little look at some of the vehicles you may be driving.  Now I know I would love to take anyone of these cars shown below for a test drive but I guess I will have to settle for driving these cars on the big screen.  Buckle up and do yourself a favor checkout some of the great cars you will be able to drive and don’t look in the rear view because you may just be surprised who is in Hot Pursuit of you.

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  • Scott, I really wish you’d stop doing this to me. Everytime I convince myself I don’t need this game you post another snippet of news of screenshot. Then my trigger finger (which is hovering over the buy button) gets itchy again.

    This game looks fantastic