Any Boxee Box Owners Out There?

I just wanted to put a call out there to our users to see if any of you owned a Boxee Box and what you thought about it. I know our own Mark Rea, host of the Lock and Load Podcast is getting one, but I wanted to put a feeler out there to our community as well. If you have one, what do you think of it? Did it satisfy your TV viewing usage? Did it work the way you thought of it? And what’s missing from it? If you happen to have one, do us a favor here at Platform Nation and leave your thoughts in the comment section, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  • Veronica Platt

    We don’t have the box, but we have the software and so far I have been confused by it. I won’t get into all of it, I will just say “Back button”? and “huh” and “why” and leave it at that. Best of luck.

  • I currently own the BOXEE Box and i love it. The only issue I have is it doesn’t like to recognize some of my media and when I try to ID it, it just kicks back to me that it can’t and there’s no error code. so much for trouble shooting. As for the streaming, it’s not bad at all as long as the networks play along, some stuff is obviously better than others. Surprisingoly MTV is playing along and so is some cartoon network. Boxee is the future man, no doubt about it.

  • billy

    I have it & it works OK but I do have a few issues:
    1) don’t like the way it plays a lot of internet content in a box on the screen.
    2) It can find my hp mediasmart server to play content, but it refuses to scan the source & add it to my movie tab.
    3) No netflix yet.

    It has alot of potential, but some of these issues need fixing.