Episode 164: Are You a Bad Enough Dude to Fix the Budget or Hulk Looks Like a Lady

We’re coming at ya like greased watermelons! This week, the Rumble Pack is light on game coverage but high on laughs (and death metal). Kaz takes the gang’s first plunge into the surprisingly glitchy Call of Duty: Black Ops, Justin snores through the opening minutes of Vanquish, and Tom brings his Xbox 360 back from the dead, are you a bad enough dude to fix the budget. Plus, She-Hulk struttin’, Kinect Sports, and Hulu Plus bewilderment.

Relevant Links:

The Making of Revolution X (Dude Looks Like a Lady)

Justin’s Sonic Boom (Thanks Critical Strike!)

Death Metal Rooster

New York Times “Budget Puzzle”


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