OnLive’s Game System

OnLive has actually been running since this past June (and going sans monthly fees since October), but just recently they’ve announced the OnLive Game System, which is really a package of goodies including the 3D-capable MicroConsole TV adapter, a wireless controller that looks pretty much like a matte black Xbox 360 controller but with a DualShock stick layout, and some bangin’ HDMI cables. They’re currently offering the Game System for just $99, and as a bonus, you get a free game of your choice.

The OnLive blog has some pretty sweet selling points on the system, such as only having 15 seconds from turning the system on to playing a game and drawing a mere 6 watts during use. Then, in an unrelated bit of news, they also revealed that OnLive will eventually offer a flat-priced rate for unlimited access rather than having to pay for every game you play.

If you are still doubtful of the product, no worries because Joystiq has actually been harboring one of these units for the past 10 days and has a full review up for your perusing pleasure. For the reading adverse, however, I’ll pick out some of the key points of the post: the power-on and game start-up times are not as quick as touted by OnLive, graphics generally look incredibly crisp and improved over the PC and Mac clients, and lag is negligible, albeit based relatively on games that are not Street Fighter IV.

All in all, according to Joystiq, the Game System and OnLive as a whole is pretty promising and actually pretty well worth the money even at this point. In fact, I think I may have to drop some cash on this thing.

You can pre-order now with shipments starting December 2nd.

Source from the OnLive Blog and Joystiq.

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