Paranormal Activity 3 Dated

Hopefully you aren’t sick of those two words yet ‘Paranormal Activity.’ Oren Peli’s series of films is looking to make a strong return in less then a year. October 21st, 2011 plans to be the day for the follow up to the successful movies Paranormal Activity, and it’s sequel/prequel Paranormal Activity 2. So mark your calendar for more cameras, more night vision in the ‘Where’s Waldo the Demon?” footage.

Some REALLY interesting news has just been slid our way from creator Oren Peli himself that’s bound to have Paranormal Activity fans up all night with both fear and excitement! A third entry into the franchise is on its way, and we’ve even got the release date for you!

That’s right, kids! Paranormal Activity 3 will be in theatres on October 21, 2011! After a truly stellar second entry, the question beckons – can lightning strike for a third time? One thing is for sure; the pressure is on for the makers of this film.

Will we find out what those scratches on the door meant? What about the whereabouts of Katie and Hunter? Stay tuned, folks! Things are about to get really interesting!

Source: Dread Central

If you’re like me, you are while excited, extremely nervous as to how the next film will be handled. The security cam footage introduced in 2 was interesting enough to hold for an hour or so, but with the third, they’ll need a different approach. A different view, no pun, and on top of that, a new story that meshes well with the last two films. Hopefully something like what I’ve posted a few weeks ago about where the storylines could go next – “Paranormal Activity 3 Is Coming

Dear reader, are you ready, or even willing to shell out another couple of million dollars to this new franchise? Or are you already tired of the premise of these films? Even the found footage/handi-cam/home video idea is loosing its novelty with many that I personally know, do you feel the same?

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  • I agree with you. They need to need to do something new, the security cam footage was interesting, but as you said, it can only keep me interested for an hour or so.

    I’m interested to see how it all started, and what exactly the grand mother did. What happens to Katie? Heck, I even want to see how Ali plays into the 3rd film.

    Oct. 21st can’t come soon enough — I just hope this is the last film in the franchise, and that they don’t keep pumping out sequel after sequel just for the money.

  • I feel the same way. I dont want to see P.A. turn into the new Saw. I Think they can wrap up everything important within the film itself, and leave all the minor loose ends to be explained in an epilogue.

  • Trailer of the new movie!