PeeWee PC Debuts PeeWee Pivot 2.0 Laptop For Kids

Our children grow up fast but they don’t grow as fast as technology advances.  Now I now this isn’t geared towards the gamer but it is geared to the gamer with children.  As gamers and tech people we are always looking for the next best device that is suitable for the young ones in our lives and the folks over at Pee Wee PC have our children in mind.  The PeeWee Pivot 2.o laptop is an awesome product from the way it sounds and they have put out a durable yet functional laptop for the young laptop user in mind.  I would go into length and describe the PeeWee line but I think it would be better to go check them out at their website.  Here is more about their PeeWee Pivot 2.0, now I only wish I could turn back time and had one of these little beauties when I was younger:

The PeeWee Pivot Tablet Laptop has a rotating touch screen which easily converts from traditional laptop format with keyboard entry to a resistive touch tablet. The included stylus allows control of the touch screen as well as digital pen text input. This convertible functionality enables a world of new usage options for use and control of the PeeWee Pivot Tablet Laptop.

Built on the Intel® Atom™ processor, the PeeWee Pivot PC is an Intel-powered Classmate PC which features durable, drop and spill resistant construction with a sturdy plastic case and removable carrying handle to withstand demanding everyday use at school, in the house, on the job or when traveling.

  • Our most popular computer!
  • Rotating Touch Screen
  • 15 Educational Games
  • 2 Security Suites
  • 1 Year Warranty, Lifetime Support

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