Speck CandyShell Grip For The iPod Touch

We are always looking for the best cases available for our expensive electronics to protect them and add a function to them.  Well we have found a product that I thought looks pretty good and has the gamer in mind.  If you are a owner of the 4th generation iPod Touch you know how thin the device is and how expensive it is and it is pretty hard to hold onto due to the thin design while playing your favorite game on it.  So Speck has come to the rescue with a case that not only adds extra grip to the iPod Touch but adds comfort and protection for you and your device.  The price for the case is $34.95, which isn’t bad for a quality case.  Here is a little more about the CandyShell.

The beauty of CandyShell Grip is in its details. Ridged rubbery finger pads on the back of the case offer gamers an extra-grippy surface to hold onto their iPod touch during frantic games of Ninjatown: Trees of Doom!, while the four bumpers around the front bezel edges help lock in thumb placement over the iPod’s touchscreen so players won’t lose track of where their games’ virtual control buttons are as they strive to get their next win against a foe in Bomberman. As a member of the CandyShell family, the case’s cushiony rubberized interior and button covers insulate from fatal drops and the case’s sturdy and sleek outer hard offers a constant defense from life’s daily dings and scrapes while still providing iPod touch users in hand comfort. CandyShell Grip is perfect for anyone who consistently keeps their gaming on the move with them and is available in MoonSicle White and DarkLord Black for a MSRP of $34.95.

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  • I am using a Speck case on my iPhone 4 and have dropped it about 3 times and it has been very good protection against asphalt, concrete and linoleum. I have no doubt their iPod4 case will be as rugged.