Call of Duty: Black Ops Television Commercial Controversy?

Over at ESPN, it appears that the sports talk show 1st and 10 has chimed in with their take on a commercial for the recently released Call of Duty: Black Ops. It appears that the commercial is causing some controversy and the hosts adamantly state how shocked they are that a major sports star like Kobe Bryant would appear in it.

Here is the actual commercial that is airing.

And here is the video from the ESPN 1st and 10 show.

I first saw the commercial right around the time the game was released.  When I first saw it, I thought it was an interesting approach to promoting the game.  I’m not big into sports stars and at the time didn’t even realize that Kobe was featured in the commercial.  What I took away from it was that gamers come in many forms and are not always younger males sitting in their parents basement, living at home.

Upon seeing the reactions of the three hosts of 1st and 10, I was a little shocked that they were that outraged.  You would have thought Kobe shot a real person right on camera and laughed about it to spite the audience.  I suppose that I do understand some of their comments in that it could be seen as glorifying war and trivializing what the U.S. Armed Forces are currently going through.  But on the other hand, the commercial is for a game, and a very popular franchise at that.  I suppose in the end, that is what makes it more of a target to critics and people painting video games as some evil force corrupting the world’s children.

What do you think of the commercial?  Are the hosts justified in their reactions or are they merely trying to make a mountain out of an anthill?

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  • The thing that frustrates me about this is when people (and one of the commentators said it) say “I can’t believe they do this in a game/commercial/whatever when there are people overseas in these situations right now!”

    I know im generalizing, but im guessing if you fly over to iraq or afghanistan right now and showed our soldiers that commercial they would say “cool” and they would want to play the game.

  • Hey, Kobe got his money, and got his rings. This wont affect him in my opinion. Anyone who is sensible, and not so deep into the words of media, even sports casters – now dont get me wrong, I respect ESPN. Sportscenter, is my show! – but I hope and feel that any sensible mind would see this commercial as you said, a commercial to show that gamers are all different. Call of Duty is a game that everyone can play, basketball stars, business women, construction workers, etcetera. The games have too vast a audience.

  • Hiphopanonymous

    I’m actually more bothered by the girl with the shotgun. So much for the M rating being for 17 and up

    • The Actress with the shotgun is a Twenty year old Actress named BK Cannon. There are no Teenagers with weapons in the Commercial

  • I honestly wondered what took so long. This commercial has been on the air for like 2 weeks, and the first time I saw it, all I could think about was, “Hoo boy… can’t wait for the media to get a hold of this.”

    I have no problem with the commercial myself, but it certainly was made to stimulate this very conversation.

  • hahahahaha

    I thought this was one of the better commercials I’ve seen in a long time. it does bug me though when they don’t show gameplay, yeah yeah I know, not like I haven’t seen gameplay already but it still bugs me!!!!!

  • Xovier

    gatta say, when the dude pulled out GTA, the idiot couldnt say anything.

    GTA vs. Black Ops, GTA wins in a heart beat. If you disagree, your an idiot. (In GTA, it is possible to shoot a shotgun so strong that 1 shot destroys a car).

  • Im just glad the girl with the shotgun, shot the hinges.

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