Flight Control HD Now On Steam

Great news for you non iOS owners, now you can finally enjoy Flight Control HD just like the rest of us. Well it is on many other platforms as well but now it’s also playable on your PC or Mac through the Steam Store. Here are some of the special features as according to Steam:

  • Enjoy 9 maps of varying difficulty to suit players at all levels
  • Steam exclusive “Stunt” map for players looking for a challenge
  • Unlock achievements, compare with your friends on Steam
  • Global leaderboards and rankings through Firemint’s community site
  • Fast-forward mode for advanced players
  • Retro styled graphics inspired by the golden era of aviation
  • Infinite replayability as you chase ever higher scores!
  • Steam Cloud support – pause your game and continue from anywhere!

For those that are interested in the game, and you should be if you don’t own it already (I own it on 2 platforms), it’s available for $4.99 and you can get it right here.

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