New Screens For Unbound Saga

We have some new screenshots for the upcoming Unbound Saga for your viewing pleasure.  Unbound Saga is a video game based on the Dark Horse comic book written by Mike Kennedy (Star Wars, Superman, Alien vs Predator) .  Follow the adventure of Rick Ajax as he battles the constant and cataclysmic threats that are put in his path by “The Maker”.

Available December 1st for download for the Xbox 360, Unbound Saga will be a hit with the comic fans out there.

The City of Toxopolis (and the realms beyond) are being overrun with every type of diabolical and bizarre enemy imaginable! As usual, it is up to Unbound Saga’s Rick Ajax and Lori Machete to lay the smack down on every last one of them. From squishy sewer mutants and cranky apron wearing bears to gut punching Leopard-men, these bizarre foes are lining up to get beat down in Vogster Entertainment’s Unbound Saga.

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