Gran Turismo 5 VS The Install

With the release of Gran Turismo 5 looming ever closer details are starting to be released fairly often.  With the last little tidbit of info being released the other day.  It looks as though if you want to have the optimal experience with the game you are gonna have to have a pretty hefty install.  It currently looks like its going to be about 10gigs.  With the whole process taking about 50 minutes.

I remember back a while ago all the different arguments for and against having installs on the PS3.  On of the arguments for was you could step away from your TV and make a sandwich while the game installed.  Though that was for games that didn’t have anything to install that large.   I could almost make an entire dinner while this game was installing.  All of this has me curious.  Since installing games on the PS3 is pretty common practice these days what are your opinions of it.

Source Kotaku

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  • Tye

    Main reason why I only watch Blu-Ray on mine. People say the biggest advantage of the PS3 was that their disc can hold 5x more than a standard dvd disc, SO WHY DO I NEED TO INSTALL EVERY GAME ON MY PS3?!?!

    Xbox360 will always be my favorite console of choice regardless of disc space size,because I know I can always plug in and play.

    • Jesse

      Why are you on here if you love Xbox. GOD!! You Xbox Fanboys outthere need to stick to there culture. Anyways, PS3 is still way better than Xbox.

  • this is just another reason why the PS3 frustrates me. With an install this size and time consuming I expect graphics that a high end PC could not handle but again we get something that looks good but not great.

  • Mike

    Actually it’s an optional install and if you choose not to do an install it’s only 256MB basic and there’s the option to install as you play so it installs (will increase the initial load time a tiny bit) while you unlock stuff.
    So honestly no real issue unless you want to install everything from the get go. Entirely upto the user. Giving options is a good thing.

    • Tye

      Ok thanks for that tibit. I still think installing should be 100% optional to play a game.

  • mickryans

    I am against havng to install games for 2 reasons.
    1. when i get a new game i want to play not wait for it to install.
    2. When i get new games i have to remove information from games i rarely play as my memory is full. I was thinking of adding more memory but think it would be better to buy a new PS3 with more memory.

  • KurtisT

    You basically have to have some install on the PS3 because a Blu-Ray’s read speed in much much slower than a cd/dvd. If you didn’t load time would be insane and everyone would complain about them.

  • W-R-N-33

    Gran Turismo 5 the best

  • Marky

    Stop moaning people. If you’re THAT impatient that you cant wait a while before playing, you probably wont be entertained by any games for long. PS3 is pick up and play, you only install once. awful reasons to slate a great console. I dont know what you people expect