Know What Rock Band DLC Songs To Buy: Bee Gees

Stayin’ Alive

Guitar:  The expert guitar is mixed with a lot of different 3 note scales (green to red to yellow, etc.) and for the most part those are easy but the challenging part of the song, for me, is the use of green and orange at the same time. I have no problem touching both at once but the way you have to let go of green to get orange and then come back for some reason throws me off, which is good if you enjoy a challenge.

Bass: The bass will barely keep your interest and maybe bring more attention to how much the song repeats. There are a lot of spaced out parts between notes but they aren’t long. With only 574 notes in a 4 minutes and 52 second song, you get a very dull and boring feel from the bass.

Drums: Expert drums for the most part are very boring, the bass pedal is always pressed down at the same beat and the notes are practically the same throughout, a few of yellow then red, with a change-up of blue every here and there. Near the end you will probably just want it to be over because you are tired of doing the same thing constantly.

Pro Keys: I’m still warming up to playing keys, and most of my problems with keys is playing three notes at the same time, and this is what expert seems to consist of for both songs. I played through most of the song without failing but once I did I decided to continue playing instead of beating it all the way through so I can review the expert side. The keys are pretty tough, if you have problems with hitting two or three notes at a time, and there are many of the black notes mixed with the white notes which always cause confusion for me. The song does not change the selected keys to play in the middle of the song. The coolest part about this song is that there are several large scales mixed throughout the song and are very fun to play on keyboard when you run into them. This is definitely the most challenging instrument for this song.

Vocals: I think for awhile I will skip over the vocals and just have them replaced with keys. I noticed it somewhat in Rock Band 2 but it seems to have gotten worse with Rock Band 3 where the arrow seems to wig out while I am singing at the same pitch making it very hard to actually pass songs on expert. I do not know if this is my mic or the game, hopefully by next week I will have it figured out.

You Should Be Dancing

Guitar: Guitar is incredibly hard if you have problems with double strumming and changing between one and two buttons rapidly without hammer-ons at the same time. The guitar solo in the song is very fun to play and has a lot of good hammer-on scales. This song is essentially just the double strumming part with a guitar solo.

Bass: The bass to this song is very challenging and shows many scales, and hammer-ons, as well as some regular strumming throughout. At the end of the song there is a bass solo which is very fun to play as well as challenging. This is one of the better bass parts in most songs.

Drums: For the most part it is very similar to Stayin’ Alive but with a faster pace and a drum solo in the middle of the song. You will be playing yellow and then red and yellow at every bass pedal hit and each bass pedal hit is with the beat of the song and doesn’t go out of it. But with the drum solo the drums are all over the place and it can be hard to tell when to hit, which offers a good challenge but you have to get to the middle before you can play it. Most likely if you are not very good at expert drums you will not be able to pass the drum solo, but will have no problem getting to it.

Pro Keys: This has many triple note hits and is mainly the same set of notes over and over again with little mix up, the song is difficult and at the same time not too fun to play.

Overall: Out of the two the better song is Stayin’ Alive, but to play is a different story. If you like to play guitar, bass, or drums the most then go with You Should Be Dancing. Stayin’ Alive has the better keyboard. When playing you can kind of feel that the keyboard was the focus point for both of these songs.

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  • Cool review but wheres’ the love for “Jive Talkin”? IMO that’s best Bee Gees out of the pack.

    And please don’t use blue letters anymore, its hard to read blue words on a black page.

    • Understandable about the Blue Letters Rick and thanks for the heads up. But did you catch the correlation of the colors?
      I know you did because you sound like are you are knowledgeable when it comes to RB.
      Thanks for reading and keep the comments coming.