Snakebyte Accessories For PlayStation Move

Snakebyte has some great third party accessories and they have revealed their newest addition to their line  and this time it is for the PlayStation 3.  As you can see above the Move Motion controller and the Navigation Controller look good, but looks aren’t everything right?
The snakebyte accessories for the Move will be able to keep up with PS3 firmware updates as snakebyte has equipped the controllers with built-in USB ports so users can easily receive firmware updates via USB. So need to worry about updating the snakebytes.

Now the whole Move experience can’t happen with out a camera right?   Well as you can see above snakebyte has you covered there.  I don’t know about you and I am not sure if this is intentional but the camera looks like a cobra head to me.

These accessories above have yet to be priced but will be available Q1 2011 and are expected to have a competitive pricing point and will be able to be purchased separate or in a bundle package.

Both controllers are ergonomically designed and feature a rubberized shell assuring a comfortable grip. In order to easily keep up with future firmware versions, both also have built-in USB ports so they can be quickly updated.

In traditional snakebyte™ style, the Snake-Eye Camera has a sleek and modern design. Built to tracks gamers’ moves with precision, it also comes with a mount so it can be easily attached to the top of a TV.

If you’d like to connect with snakebyte on popular social networking sites, follow the company on Twitter and “like” them on Facebook.

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