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Sex has gradually infiltrated video games over the years with recent titles becoming more and more daring.  It’s just a natural progression of the “shock and awe” factor.  The threshold will continue to be pushed until a company goes too far with an epic failure or until gamers stop buying games with sexual content (unlikely).  Until then, expect more sex, more nudity and more hype.  So far it appears to be the easiest way since zombies to get free publicity for a new game.

The inset pictures all represent games that include sexual content.  How many did you avoid because of it?


Cooper Bibaud | Thirsty Robot | ProfileTwitter |

I’m neither for it, or against it.  Personally, I have nothing against nudity or sexual content in any entertainment field as long as it’s fitting, or necessary.  If it’s just there to be there, that’s when it comes off as immature and pointless.  I feel the majority of movies are a tad too sexually infused, and I’d hate for every game like Call of Duty and Halo to start having some weird romance factor with a sex scene in it like a movie most likely would.  But, if it adds to the story, and the overall experience then why not?

Steven Buccini | PickaNumber123 | ProfileTwitter |

Seriously, this needs to stop.  If you are going to let your kid be exposed to things such as MTV and other shows such as Desperate Housewives, please don’t complain when this sort of thing shows up in video games.

I am sick and tired of the small, but vocal, majority making enough noise to drown out the people who know best: the gamers.  If the gamers think it’s too obscene, they won’t buy it.  However, we both know that won’t happen, so why don’t we follow the lead of Brütal Legend?  In this game you have a choice to censor out language, and blood (although nudity and other obscene content can easily be added to that list).  Thus, the player could decide what was appropriate for them, and the developer is no longer at fault.  It’s pretty much a win-win.

Zac Campbell |

I believe that sex in video games should be allowed, there shouldn’t be necessarily more or less, but whatever is necessary. If the story of the game calls for sex then the game should not hold back on how much sex or nudity to include in their games, as long as it is appropriate with the story and doesn’t go out of the way from the actual game.

Brian Heitzenrater | FrehleyzComet | ProfileTwitter |

I don’t have a problem with sex in video games.  As a responsible adult, I take the time out to make sure the games I play in front of my sons (2 and 4) are ok for them to see.  So if a game has any form of sexual content in it, I wait to play it after they go to bed. I do not mind if my game(s) have sex in it, especially if it can help the story or situation like in Mass Effect.  While it isn’t crucial that Commander Shepard bones one of his/her crew mates, it does help flesh out the romance factor in the story.  So I say bring it on!

Stewart Loosemore | Stigweird85 |  ProfileTwitter |

In my mind, the answer to sex in video games is why not?  Every other form of entertainment has sexual activity in one form or another.  Obviously I wouldn’t want to see a game devoted to it (although I believe they do exist).  I also wouldn’t want to see a game that has sex/nudity as the main selling point,  but when handled correctly I don’t see any problem.  I would actually like to see an increase in the number of games that give you the opportunity to have a relationship ala Fable 3 and Mass Effect.

Rane Pollock | Gemini Ace | ProfileTwitter |

I think there’s a place for sex in video games much like there is a place for sex in movies.  It doesn’t need to be pornographic in order to convey the emotion and intimacy between two characters, be them heterosexual or homosexual.  Good storytelling will always outweigh some salacious sex if handled with maturity.

Lewis Rayne |

Sex in video games is definitely victim to double standards just like in real life.  In the UK two consenting adults can have sex at 16, yet neither can buy films or sexually related items until 18, an age gap that makes no sense.  If mass amounts of violence are allowed in a game then they should also allow sex.

I however believe that including sex in video games is a bad move.  If graphic sex started appearing in video games then it would place games under more scrutiny from ratings systems and eventually publishers would start producing pure sex games as lets face it, sex sells.  All of this would lead inevitably to a “top shelf” of games and dent what little respect for the industry that non-gamers have.  It’s the old argument of free speech.  Yes, developers could include more graphic sex in their games but couldn’t they use that effort to make something more productive.


Chris Forbis | MensaDad| ProfileTwitter |

When playing a video game, I look to be as immersed in the game world as possible.  While not sex, nudity in games seems to be very unrealistic.  I don’t mean the gratuitous girl with big breasts fighting demons in a thong and a armored bikini top – I’m totally OK with that.  Sex and nudity have been used to sell games, movies, soda, and just about everything with value – and I’m good with that also.  What I’m referring to is nudity in situations where it would be “natural” and possibly disturbing – where it makes the gaming world more real – but has been omitted just because it is considered sexual.  Here are a couple examples:

Zombies and Ghouls – Am I the only one who has noticed how modest zombies are.  Even though they care about nothing other than feeding, they always make sure to keep themselves clothed properly.

Looted Bodies – When looting corpses, specifically in Fallout 3 and New Vegas – everyone has been issued the same wasteland-standard grey undergarments.  Dead bodies laying around should be horrific and the humiliation of being dead has been filtered from our games.  This has nothing to do with being sexy – but with reality.  Ever see the old photos of bodies piled at the World War Two concentration camps?  It’s absolutely horrifying because of the reality of it.  A complete disregard of worth.  As I see it – this will probably be the next step in survival horror games – bridging the gap between gaming and “gorno” by adding the humiliation and realism of nudity.

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  • Okay, I’ll be honest. I saw the word SEX in my twitter feed and clicked the link instantly.

    Nothing wrong with sex if it fits, but if they put it randomly in a game like Halo, where it doesn’t fit, it could ruin the whole thing! It’s gotta be done carefully.