Gaming Confessions: Pokemon

This week confession is Pokémon.

To do this day Pokémon has a place in my heart, I would like to say that it was part of my childhood and that I was in the target age range when it hit the UK, I would like to say that, but it would be a lie. Pokémon wasn’t aimed at me in the slightest so it was kind of embarrassing to admit liking it and playing it. It also made it near impossible to find a person to play against, as none of my friends acknowledged it even existed, and I really didn’t want to be “that guy” You know the type I mean, the person who queues up at Toy R Us (Other Toy stores are available) to add something to his own collection.

Social awkwardness aside, I did continue to play and watch(although I never did get into the Trading Cards but that is a confession for another time) I would play for hours, I knew my Pokémon, their strength, their weakness I would level grind for hours on end I would not stop until I reached my goal(I really do have a weakness to addiction, I’m glad I don’t smoke or drink) It even got to the stage where I bought the GameCube mainly for the new Pokémon game.

Thankfully Pokémon became a victim of its own success, there was money in the franchise and the various corporations involved would not stop until every single penny was squeezed out of the franchise. Consequently the franchise was milked dry, and when the cash cow was dry it was slaughtered and the meat sold, and the sold meat was then butchered some more and the franchise lost its popularity. It still existed but it was a shell of its former self. I am grateful for the corporate greed however as it broke the hold the franchise had over me. Despite my addiction in the past, I still don’t play the trading card games, and I don’t watch the movies or TV shows anymore but I still dabble with the games every now and again.

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  • I absolutely love all the cute little pokemon. I would kill to have my own Pikachu.