Halo Wars Getting The Axe In December

Halo Wars, the best selling real time strategy game on any console, is losing its support on December 15. Microsoft will no longer be supporting  any of the game’s stat tracking and leader boards.  According to their forums, is going to be shut down entirely, causing all of its members to lose their stats. All members of the site are being asked to move to the Halo Waypoint site, but none of their information is going to be carried over.

The dour mood on the forum at is as bad as can be expected. Gamers are very unhappy, and are choosing to express it in their posts. Moderators are trying to make everyone at the site believe that this is a good thing, but the members aren’t having it.

The scene over at the forums.

What do you think? Is it too early to shut the support for Halo Wars down? Does anyone still play Halo Wars?


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  • Tye

    I think its been long enough. It does cost money to run those servers and how long did the customers expect their $60 to last?

  • Steven Buccini (pickanumber123)

    This is really sad. I loved Halo Wars, and posted on the boards there quite often. Sad to see it go.

  • i go back every now and again bt this is still sad news. At the very least I’d expect the stats to be availabale as a reference in an archive.

  • I hate hearing this. That being said, I played only a handful of games online in the beginning. Can’t say it’s that shocking. Probably just more shocking considering it’s a Halo title.