Sony Set To Reveal PS3 Exclusive Next Month

Announced a couple of days ago, Sony is planning to reveal a new title, exclusive to the PS3, on December 12th, the day following Spike’s annual Video Game Awards. I know I brought you guys that super awesome Sly Cooper 4 teaser found in The Sly Collection the other day, but can’t a guy dream that they’re about to officially announce said title? Okay the announcement of a Sly Cooper sequel probably doesn’t warrant a special mentioning during the VGAs and an entire event dedicated to it the day after, but still, I’m staying optimistic.

When we know what the game is, you guys will be next in line. But until then, what about you, oh loyal P*N Reader? What do you think will be revealed versus what you want to be revealed? Let us know in the comments.

via Joystiq

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