XT Review (iPhone)

Game Review: XT
Release: Oct. 31, 2010
Genre: Space Shooter
Developer: LKA Interactive
Available Platforms: iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad
Players: 1
MSRP: $1.99
ESRB Rating: 9+ (App store rating)
Website: XT

XT is a game that puts you into the pilot’s seat of a futuristic space craft. Utilizing both agility and thought players must navigate through levels to collect gems.

The game includes 30 unique levels of play. Points collected during game-play can either be used to upgrade the user’s ship between missions, or saved and uploaded online via Open feint leader boards.

XT has players collecting gems on screen as they avoid enemy ships while also watching for mine fields. Each gem you collect can later be used to buy upgrades. XT is a level-based arcade game in which users control a spaceship to gather every green or red gem scattered about a given level while utilizing navigational cunning and accurate shooting to thwart the attacks of enemy ships hovering near by. XT is currently available in the iTunes App Store for any mobile Apple Platform compatible with iOS 3.1.2 or higher, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3G, iPhone 4G, iPod touch 4G. XT HD is currently available on the iTunes App Store exclusively for the iPad.

App Features:

  • 30 unique levels
  • Integrated with OpenFeint for online score-tracking
  • Online Player Leaderboards
  • Un-lockable in-game achievements
  • Upgrade options for: weapons, defense, engines, and life bank
  • Detailed 3-D in-game graphics

Intuitive controls that are very user friendly, this is a great game to pick up and play without much of a learning curve. Great for a quick pick up and play game, with not much to do other then pilot the ship to collect gems. Open Feint is also nice, with included leader boards to see how you stack up against your friends or enemies. Openfeint capability allows users to track, save, and share high scores and personal in-game achievements online. Because users are able to either save or spend their accumulated points within the game, XT’s score leaderboards take on an interactive and strategic dynamic as well, as users are forced to decide whether they will spend their collected points for upgrades within the game or save them to achieve the highest possible score to post online.

XT did not provide much of a challenge; it felt very bland through most play sessions. Level design could use some overhaul as  the design feels very lacking as far as creativity is concerned. Would have also liked some kind of space type music that drew you into the game. Multiple times when playing, if you let go of the controls, the game will pause which quickly gets annoying . Users should have control over the pause feature.

XT is a great game for the pick up and play aspect; any player can jump in and enjoy the game. Control is simple enough that game play is not hindered by complex movements. $1.99 is a little steep for the price; upgrades are needed before I would recommend picking this game up. When the price drops to $1.00 the game will feel like a worthy purchase, but until then wait on purchasing this title.

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