A Tale Of World Of Warcraft

This article started life as a tale of my experiences with World of Warcraft, I had planned to start a diary of my character and their life and update Platform Nation on a weekly basis with their exploits. However, circumstances were against me and I don’t have the free time to commit to such an adventure. I may return to this at a later date, I may not it really depends if anyone would be interested in actually reading something like that.

Obviously an article stating what I was going to write about isn’t that interesting but it does lead me onto today’s rant which is on profiteering. I am new to the WoW universe and after playing for a short period of time I knew I would become addicted. I was aware that there was numerous expansion packs available each with their own collector’s edition. I’ll admit that I am a sucker for a collector’s edition, I have even purchased collectors editions for games that I really wasn’t that interested in (Halo 3 for instance) so the hunt began for a WoW collector’s edition. I decided I would start looking at the newest release. I thought that as the game wasn’t even released that I would be able to find a collector’s edition at an acceptable price. I knew that as it was due out in less than a month that I may have to pay a little extra which is fine, after all that is supply and demand. However I wasn’t prepared to see this: Amazon

I should stress that I when I first looked Amazon had sold out and you could only buy from resellers who were charging £149.99 for a bundle that wasn’t even released.  I’m not sure if Amazon received new stock or they cancelled the orders for those who were reselling but the price has since come down to the more acceptable RRP. Amazon isn’t alone with this problem a quick look at and  the current price is £119. On a global scale here is a listing from eBay

I wouldn’t mind paying a premium if it was my fault that I couldn’t get a first hand copy of a collector’s edition because I waited or because it was sold out, however the above examples are simple profiteering. No one has the game in their possession, but people are still offering to sell a copy with a hefty price increase. I class them in the same group as ticket touts, those who purchase several tickets to the hottest events just to sell at inflated fans to people who really want to enjoy the show.

The world is a free market, and as long as there people willing to pay there will always be those that try and take advantage. Sadly this applies to most things in life. I believe that there should be a little common sense involved. There will always be reasons to sell things and making profit is a fundamental requirement of business but I beg people:  if you find yourself in a position where you need/want to sell a commodity, follow Wheaton’s law.  If we all did this the world would be a much nicer place.

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