Mafia II: Joe’s Adventure Available Now

The DLC you have been waiting for is here.  Mafia II Joe’s Adventure has been released today and ia available for download via the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network.  Joe’s Adventure is the last of the DLC for Mafia II and will give you roughly 6 hours of new gameplay.  The pricing point is what we have come to expect for DLC as of late, $9.99 on the PSN and 800MSP.  Here is a little more about the DLC and if you are a fan of Mafia II you probably know all the details already, but here it is just in case.

Joe’s Adventures puts players in the shoes of Joe Barbaro as he rampages through Empire Bay in the wake of Vito Scaletta’s prison sentence. Joe must uncover the traitor who betrayed Vito while overcoming the challenges of moving up the ranks in the mob. Impulsive and unpredictable, Joe’s brash personality is reflected in his unique sense of style and flare that can be seen in his new wardrobe pieces that are available in the add-on content. Joe’s love of luxury – and the ladies – doesn’t end there; Joe’s Adventures also includes a hot new Delizia Grandeamerica sports coupe, nine new classic 1940s and 1950s tunes, and 20 new Playboy collectibles. Joe will paint the town red with blood in vibrant and visceral shootouts in a new supermarket, wreaking havoc in the colorful Cathouse, beating down rival gang members and street thugs with his unique fighting style, and experience experiencing dramatic pursuits across a frozen lake.

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  • Alfredo Silva

    I Can’t find the this DLC anywhere in the Playstation Store. Any ideas why that is?

    • I have no idea as to why. I rechecked the PR we received to make sure I did not make an error in the post but it says it was released.