Super Blast 2 Prepares For Blast Off

Super Blast 2 is blasting off and will be landing December 6th for the iPhone/iPod Touch for the low price of $0.99.  In Super Blast 2 you will find new levels and various difficulty modes just to name a couple of the new features. One of the new features that stands out is players now have a health meter and three super blasts to dish out punishing attacks as they launch into an epic battle against the Creeps.

Here is the full list of new features you will find in Super Blast 2.

Key features include:
• Accessible – Simple tilt controls allow anyone to jump in and play, yet the game remains challenging to master.
• Creeps & Bosses – Encounter 12 Creeps that swoop in with their own unique fighting style plus gigantic bosses that await you at the end of each level.
• Polished Graphics – Speed through beautifully rendered space environments and fight detailed Creeps with high definition visuals.
• Variety – Choose from an arsenal of weapon power-ups, work your way through various levels, and select one of three difficulty levels to ensure a challenge.
• Achievements – Track game progress and earn rewards for overcoming specific challenges.
• Game Center and OpenFeint – Choose how you want to compete against friends and for the top spot on the communal leaderboards.

To download the original Super Blast for just $0.99, visit the App Store.

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