Undead Nightmare Disc Now Available

Red Dead Redemption fans that have not picked up the Undead Nightmare DLC via download can now purchase the Undead Nightmare Disc.  The disc includes Undead Nightmare, Outlaws to the End co-op pack, Legends and Killers Map Pack, and the Liars and Cheats Pack all wrapped up on one disc.  The Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare Disc retails for $29.99.  So why would you go buy the disc instead of downloading the DLC?  Well if you are almost capping out your HDD this is a perfect way to get your Zombie killing without wasting precious space.

Set in the early years of the 20th century, Red Dead Redemption is an epic Western journey across the vanishing American frontier through the eyes of former outlaw John Marston. Alongside the rich, immersive single-player experience, Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer offers a world of dynamic challenges and competitive games suited for a player of any skill level.

Also available today is the original soundtrack for Undead Nightmare for download on iTunes worldwide with 18 original tracks. So why not check out the acclaimed composers of the original Red Dead Redemption soundtrack with the likes of Bill Elm and Woody Jackson as they return for the terrifically spooky soundtrack to Undead Nightmare, accompanied by epic Southern Gothic rockabilly tracks from guest performers Kreeps and Misterio.

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