Kung-Fu Live Dated And Trailer

Kung-Fu Live is set to make it’s way to the PlayStation Network December 7th in the US and December 8th in the UK.  Kung-Fu Live is a full body motion fighting experience that will provide hours of enjoyment while you get your Bruce Lee on.  We have added a trailer and some screenshots for the game and I for one am stoked to pick this one up when it is released.

Kung-Fu LIVE fuses players into a world of pulp action-comics with accurate real-time motion and image scanning, letting fans literally step inside the fight like never before. Using the PlayStation®Eye, Virtual Air Guitar Company’s patented Freemotion® technology has helped to create the first controller-free fighting game of its kind that transports players into the game world, challenging them to survive using a limitless array of free-style martial arts and acrobatic moves with their own bodies and without restrictions. Utilizing real-time background image removal combined with enormous interactive environments, a roster of impossible-made-possible power moves, and unique multiplayer components, Kung-Fu LIVE lets players star in the ultimate kung-fu comic adventure that will unleash the inner Bruce Lee in everyone!

Kung-Fu LIVE will be published independently by Virtual Air Guitar Company Ltd., and will provide a fast, fun, and action packed experience while ushering in a new era of full-body motion gaming when it launches on PlayStation Network for just $14.99 in North America, and only €13.99 EUR / £10.99 GBP in Europe.

If you are interested in learning more about Kung-Fu LIVE visit their site or look for more details on the Facebook page for Virtual Air Guitar Company.

Video upload thanks to D Demitrius Smith (DDSmitty)

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  • D Demitrius Smith (DDSmitty)

    I’m really looking forward to this!