Why I Hate Video Game Movies

A question that clearly, any fan of the wonderful game series ‘Uncharted’ has asked themselves since they first finished the games. Who other than Marky Mark of the Funky Bunch would, could play such a charismatic character as Nathan Drake?! Well dear reader, if you had that one in a billion thought, than you are in luck! Because as reported by IGN, Mark Wahlberg himself as confirmed that he will playing the character in an upcoming adaption of Naughty Dog’s stellar game ‘Uncharted.’

Platform Nation’s Owner/Community Manager Steve Artlip posted this article last week about Wahlberg taking up the role as Nathan Drake. And over the Thanksgiving weekend, I had thought about why, and how this was happening. And each new thought, ended the same. And that is that I hate movies based off of video games.

Now say what you will about Mark Wahlberg, as much as I respect him, I do not, ever want to see his name next to a another video game adaption. Max Payne is still fresh in my memory. And I didn’t even play that game (GTA on mine) and I didn’t have to, to know that it wasn’t a very good movie. And after several more crash and burn adaptions in my eyes, I don’t want to see anymore video games adapted into movies. This is something that directors, producers, execs and all just can not get done correctly. No movie has been done justice at all, with the exception of Mortal Kombat and Tomb Raider. And while I’m a fan of MK since my youth – now that I’m older, I honestly don’t know how they got that right. But 1995 was near the fervor pitch for Mortal Kombat so that has to have had something to do with it. It’s a campy delight watching it now. And Tomb Raider was pretty nice all around, and gave Angelina Jolie her bad-ass badge.

But every other movie that has came out, based off of a video game, has been a pretty hot summer turd in the front lawn of video game fans every where. Prince of Persia should have, been our saving grace. Unfortunately, it was far from it. I used to look at these adaptions with understanding. I knew that the source material, at times, could be too confusing for mass audiences, and that expanding the story, or deviating from it would be necessary. But now, I don’t want another video game movie. I don’t need video game movies. I hate to get my hopes up for something awesome, which I will, and then be let down. I remember reading about Avi Arad trying to get a Mass Effect movie off the ground, but for what? The third game wont be out for another 2 or 3 years probably, and then if they decide to expand the universe with other games outside of the main cast, what do I need a movie for? Why should I see a BioShock movie with a hackneyed vision from a director and producers, hell even cast who probably don’t hold the game as close to their hearts as I do?

My video games are movies, and are amazing cinematic experiences on their own.

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