Worms: Battle Islands For The PSP Now Available

Worms worms everywhere!  Now Worms is invading your PSP.  If you are a fan of the Worms games this one is right up your alley.  Worms: Battle Island is available right now for download via the PlayStation Network for the price of $24.99 in SCEA territories and £15.99/€19.99 in SCEE territories. Now I know the pricing point may seem like a lot but this one will be able to stand tall against their PC brother.  Here is a little more about Worms: Battle Island and stay tuned after the jump for some awesome screens.

Create your own unique weapon in the Weapons Factory; be it melee, projectile, explosive or strike, there is a method of destruction to suit any play style. Once complete, take your new armament to deal personalized death to friends and foes over ad-hoc and wireless multiplayer.

For those high-stakes players that want something more than the demise of their enemies, Tactics Mode offers a very useful reward for emerging victorious in a multiplayer bout. Play through multi-player online matches to unlock new tactics, these abilities taking the form of islands added to the player’s own Secret Island Base. Each one of these 16 available islands allows the player to gain a certain advantage at the start of a Worms™ match. Defeat an opponent online, and take one of their islands for your base. But beware, being defeated will mean your competitor will be able to deprive you of one of yours! Add in a PSP® exclusive ‘Time Attack’ mode, an all-new experience based ranking system plus more customisation than ever seen before and ta-da! Worms™: Battle Islands, a top-class strategy with more features than ever before!

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