Raving Rabbids Travel In Time Video

We have a Raving Rabbids Travel in Time video for you to view and below you will also find a link to a fun flash game for you play.  Now we know the fans of Raving Rabbids know all about the newest game but for those that don’t here is a little more about the game.  Be sure to check in at their website for all things Raving Rabbids.

The Rabbids are about to change the course of human history and you’re invited to the party!
The Rabbids are bwaaack and this time they have an infallible plan to invade the human world: CONQUER HISTORY! When they discover time travel with their Time Washing Machine, you can bet they will cause loads of ridiculously wacky mayhem in history.

They have also released a new fun flash game which can be found here.  Go check it out it isn’t bad little game and the price tag is right.

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