Free MicroConsole Offer From OnLive

Having recently released the details of their new MicroConsole, OnLive has announced that they plan on rewarding those early adapters of product.  If you have bought at least two games from their service you are eligible to receive a free MicroConsole.  If you are thinking hey that’s a great deal and plan on going straight to their site to buy some games I regret to tell you that the deadline to participate has already passed.

The announcement of this great deal was announced after the deadline on purpose.  OnLive founder Steve Perlman wanted to reward “Founding Members” for taking a risk in a start up company and reward them for “spending their hard-earned money”.   You can go here to sign up for the free MicroConsole if you are eligible.

For more info on the microconsole itself: Click Here

I have had OnLive installed on my PC for a while now and have played a couple of demo’s but I never made the leap into buying one of the games. So this deal doesn’t look like it will do much good for me.  Is there anyone in P*N land that has bought games on OnLive and is eligible for a free console?


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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    I never even heard of OnLive until I read this, so no, I don’t qualify either. lol 🙂

  • I am. I bought a second PlayPass the day before they did this, so I got a free game and a free MicroConsole. I guess you could say I was pretty damn lucky. The best thing about it all is I initially only spent around twelve or so dollars.