Gunnar Optik: Black Ops Edition Review

Gunnar glasses are not your ordinary everyday glasses they are a step above what you would expect from glasses. The glasses use a patent-pending i-AMP lens technology that supposedly helps relax the eyes, improve vision and increase productivity. The i-AMP lens is proprietary tech by GUNNAR that reduces glare, outside visual “noise” and enhances contrast and oracular clarity during long hours of sitting in front of the TV or computer screen. Basically all that is saying is that Gunnars will reduce eye strain from vegging out in front of any kind of lighted screen for too long.

Packaging was very straight forward everything was cleanly displayed even before opening up the actual box. When seeing what goodies were inside you felt almost as if Christmas had come early. Inside of the box you will find the glasses, 1gb dog tag, Magnetic case plus a microfiber type pouch, that I also used to clean the glasses. One thing you notice right away is the quality of the box was thought about as well as the overall design. Sitting on a store shelf your eyes would be drawn to the colors after opening it you would be welcomed to the world of Gunnars and why they are different.

Included dog tag flash drive was a welcome surprise:

Installation includes none other then taking them out of the protective bag and placing them on your head. Stare at a screen for a few seconds put them on and notice the difference almost right away. With all the visual type technology you will almost feel like your eyes have become cyborgs. Well maybe they are not that advanced but you will look damn cool donning a pair. (Hello ladies!!!!) Yeah they really didn’t work to pick up any girls but hey at least the try was worth it right?

When it comes to the design and comfort of the GUNNAR Optiks there’s hardly anything to complain about. It’s quite obvious from their design, though, that they’re built more-so gamers who want to look stylish rather than wearing them for normal outdoor use. Though if you did decide to wear them outside you sure as heck would not look weird doing so. With a 70’s aviator style to the glasses the feel comfortable while still being functional. Ear pieces tuck close to your ears my guess would be so they look sleek while still allowing for headsets to be worn.

When first holding the Gunnars in my hands they felt flimsy to the touch I was scared the build was going to break easily. Not until further inspection did I notice that the ear pieces were on a spring making them more reliable. Amber lenses bring together the package but do feel weird when first playing with them on and may feel weird after taking them off. Overall the quality of the glasses felt top notch the 80 dollars seems well worth the price.

When first reading about Gunnars the whole thing just seems like a gimmick or a get rich quick scheme you just became a part of. After just a few hours of using them during gaming or staring at a computer screen you notice a difference. Price may be a big reason many shy away but they are worth every penny you will be sure to find yourself completely happy with the purchase. If you spend any amount of time in front of a lighted screen you owe yourself the favor of picking up a pair of Gunnars. Gunnars also have a great style so you wont look odd when wearing them in front of others.

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  • Steven Buccini (pickanumber123)

    I don’t know, $80 still seems like an awful lot for just a pair of glasses.

  • I thought so too I wanted a pair so bad but just never had the money. Try them on once and 80 dollars feels like not such a bad price. The first night I used them playing Black Ops no more headaches. It is like one of those things yeah you could buy gloves for 10 dollars at Walmart that keep you semi-warm. Though why not go to someone that specializes in gloves and get a pair that are 50 where you wont ever feel cold again. Really it is all in the way you see it, these will be you have to try to believe