Know What Rock Band DLC To Buy: John Lennon

Gimme Some Truth

Guitar/Bass: The guitar is the same note repeated twice and then you go up on the scale until you reach the top then it restarts, there is a mix of some pull-offs here and there and you do the same thing over and over again except the guitar solo at the beginning of the song. The bass is a little more boring than the guitar. You won’t be doing much of anything.

Drums: Expert drums are pretty basic, mostly just some yellow with red thrown in and some mixed drum pedal hits that can prove to be a challenge. The drums seem to be better than the guitar but not as good as the keys.

Pro Keys: I decided to step down to hard because I was having difficulty with the three-note hit on expert. The song on hard still has the three-note hit but at a much easier pace. The keyboard in the song is present throughout and very much the main instrument in the song.

Oh My Love

Guitar/Bass: You get what you expect from such a slow paced and short song, there are no challenging parts and guitar is just incredibly dull. With bass there isn’t much to talk about because there isn’t much going on. The song is incredibly slow when on bass and you mostly just hold down notes.

No drum part

Pro Keys: Pro keys on expert are difficult; I had to step down to hard. At hard you typically play the same few notes over and over again like the guitar but at a much faster pace and with an overall better experience then with guitar and bass.

Overall: Both of these songs are not great, both seem like the same thing repeated and they don’t have any good parts to them except for keys which shows again that the songs Rock Band has been coming out with lately are just to give the keys more support. I definitely would not buy either of these songs unless you are huge on the songs or love to play keys.

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  • Why don’t you review all the songs? Where’s imagine?

  • Exterminator13

    I have to buy each song and if you play through each song it can take awhile with all instruments. Imagine was included on the rock band disc so it didn’t actually come out this week.

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