Play ilomilo Now On The Xbox 360

We have a cool surprise for you, Southend Interactive is giving away codes right now for their Xbox 360 version of ilomilo, a game that has been getting pretty good review scores for it’s Windows 7 release. Now the codes that are being giving away are not full game codes, they are actually demo codes for a game that you currently can’t get any other way. If you are in the market to try out a new puzzle game on your Xbox 360, just point your web browser to and click the big green button. After that you will enter a captcha code and boom! A code to download the game. Enjoy, and if you like the game, you can actually buy it as well from the demo and you will have access to it even before it’s in the Xbox Live Marketplace.


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  • I just did this the other day on my WP7. I didn’t realize anybody could do it. I thought it was just for us WP7 owners. I don’t feel as special anymore.