• The problem with doc and arcade games is that your main profile is keeping all these downloads. If its your kids game, give him the points and let him buy it on the main family console (all profiles can play it on the console it was downloads on) and when he signs into live on his console in his room he can still play it just fine (since his tag owns the game).

    Memory cards are so cheap nowadays, why wouldn’t you buy one? A 2gb flash drive can be bought between $15-$20 and you can use the whole thing for xbox storage or part for xbox and part for pc. I myself bought a 32gb and converted 16 of it fort 360 and the rest for pc. One stick to carry around everything now.
    With that all in mind…I wouldn’t dream of needing a cloud storage solution. Not to mention the cost and sizes you would have to get into.

    My solution is mem cards for everyone and using a han hub will allow you to plug more than the 2 usb slots in the front.

    I would agree on allowing smaller tansfers. But I can see having a bottom line due to database changes and what not.doing 2 and 3 point transfers just would cause alot of unnecessary load.

    Also…most people don’t realize that when they have more than one box plugged into their net, their xbox live isn’t working right anyways due to not having an open nat. Which can be hard to achieve due to port sharing issues. Its doable but its a pain.

    There’s mu two cents.

    • Matthew –
      We have several memory cards – and we use them much as you suggest. the problem is that we have several avid gamers in the house and we all like the same games. I can’t count the number of downloadable games we have purchased twice (under different profiles) just to keep from juggling profiles around between consoles.

      Good point about Live and multiple consoles. Expanding the port range(s) would be a great idea also. Rather than coming in through the router on just a single set of ports – forwarded to a single console – maybe expand it to four sets of ports – allowing forwards to four individual consoles eliminating the NAT issues completely. There’s really no reason it MUST to be 53 and 80 for those specific services. Besides – we are normally joining other games rather than hosting so it’s rarely a problem for us.

      As for “cloud” storage – an Xbox specific 500GB NAS for profiles, saved games and downloads would be my perfect solution – but I could be just as happy if it was out on the net somewhere.

      Thanks for your great comments!


  • how much microsoft pay you?

    • My special deal with Microsoft is that I am allowed to use any Microsoft product for as long as I like, as long as I pay for it just like everyone else. 😉

  • Dear Chris,
    You fail to point out the major flaw with the XBox parental controls: it takes a child about 30 seconds to reset the XBox to factory settings. This disables all parental controls. And, yes, it is easy for any computer savvy child to figure out how to do this. Simply Google “XBox parental controls” and the work around can be easily found. I repeat: the instructions to bypass parental controls are all over the internet.
    What amazes me the most, though, is Microsoft’s pathetic help line. I spent several months talking to help line personnel in third world countries trying to point out that there is a major flaw with their XBox parental controls. No results. Microsoft doesn’t care enough to fix this problem.
    So, if you have computer savvy kids who could possibly get addicted to the XBox, do NOT count on parental controls. Better yet, bring your kids to the library to read some books.

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    and now its gone 😀