Gaming Confessions: I “Accidentally” Deleted My Cousin’s Game Save

This week’s confession, I accidentally deleted my cousin’s game save.

Deleting a game save by accident is pretty bad situation but it could have been a lot worse. Thankfully it was my younger cousins save that I had deleted, so it wasn’t an RPG or a sim game that had hours of customisation.

I can sense that you are anxious to know what games save that I had deleted and the answer is the always classic Chicken Run for the PlayStation. For those who are unaware Chicken Run is a stop motion animated movie from Airman Studios about a bunch of chickens who are trying to get to freedom (yes it is basically the Great Escape with chickens) As you would expect, the game with the same name is a movie tie in.

Let me set the scene for you, it was the summer holiday and I was staying with my family in England and I was sharing a room with my younger cousin. One day we went shopping at my Aunt and Uncle decided to buy my cousin a present for putting up with me and still having to go to school(The Scottish schools were on holiday but the English schools still had a couple of weeks to go) The game they decided to buy him was Chicken Run for the PlayStation. That night when he got home he was really excited and started to play it almost instantly. He played it all night and only stopped when he was told to go to bed some 5 hours later. This pattern continued for several days, eventually he got to a point that he couldn’t get past, and he asked me, his more handsome and talented older cousin to get him past a boss.  I agreed and quickly dispatched the boss and decided to save the game.

I should explain that Chicken Run had a very peculiar save system as you could save from the main menu. You’d expect that if you can save from the main menu it would save your progress at that point but no. What it did do was create a save for the custom picture and sound settings while overwriting the previous save. It did warn me that I was overwriting a previous save, but I just assumed that I was updating his save.

So the next morning came around, and my cousin switched on the PlayStation and tried to continue his game, and that’s when he discovered my mistake. Naturally being a kind and Christian family he forgave me and remained calm and composed.  Or at least that’s what I had hoped would happen. Unfortunately as I have already said he was my younger cousin and was shall I say a little upset. After several temper tantrums and a crying fit his mother came down and said he needed to leave for school.

I, as the older more mature handsome and skilled person said I would fix his problem. So my task was set I had an average school day with traveling time worked out to be roughly 9-4 to play through Chicken Run and get to the same point that my cousin had taken 20+ hours to get to. Thankfully I had an ace up my sleeve and I cheated, actually that’s a lie. I didn’t cheat, I just knew what to do as I had actually played and completed the game a few weeks earlier. Even with my advanced knowledge it was still a task to get back to the previous save point. Like an epic movie I struggled as the minutes and hours ticketed away and just finished my task a mere 5 minutes before he walked in the door.

Some psychiatrists say there are no accidents, and perhaps this is true. Perhaps this was some unconscious payback for when he compared me to the Scottish Chicken in the movie. He still does this to this very day. He also compares me to Shrek and pretty much every other Scottish character apart from Fat Bastard which is rather odd as I do bear a striking physical resemblance to him more than the others.

So that is my tale of woe, I doubt I am the only person in the world that has done something similar to this, please feel free to add your tale to the comments below or message me @Stigweird85

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