Official PS3 Bluetooth Headset 2.0 Review

The official Bluetooth® Headset for the PS3 system has been re-designed to be 30% smaller in size compared to the original model. It is sleek, compact, and functional for both gaming and mobile phone use.

The Bluetooth®Headset is a must have for intense online multiplayer games. This device offers many features which enhance the gaming experience such as: an in-game headset status indicator, an easily accessible microphone mute button, and a charging cradle which also functions as a desktop microphone. It is also the only headset to offer High-Quality (HQ) mode* which delivers crystal clear voice quality.

In addition to being a great headset for gaming, it is also a perfect headset for mobile phones. A dual microphone design and noise cancellation technology have been built directly into the headset which helps filter ambient noise when talking, leading to pristine sound for both the speaker and listener. Options such as 3-way calling and call waiting can be easily engaged using this headset.


Packaging: The headset comes packaged in your standard clear plastic display, the kind that you need to cut with scissors to get into. The headset is showcased while the rest of the items (charging base, cable, instructions) are discreetly hidden in the back behind the cardboard covering. There’s really not a whole lot to say other than I hate packaging like this. It’s always such a pain in the butt to get into. I wish companies would come up with something easier to open.

Installation/Setup: There really is nothing to install and the setup is easy as pie. The first thing I did was snap the ear clip to the main headset. This took all of 2 seconds to do. The next thing I did was put the headset into the charging cradle and connected the supplied USB cable to the cradle. I then plugged it into the PS3 and let the headset and PS3 pair up, which only took a few seconds as well to complete. I left it plugged in for about an hour to make sure it was fully charged and that was about it really. Pretty simple and painless which is a plus, especially for me. I suck at tech stuff, as I imagine a lot of others do as well.

Usability: To turn it on, simply press the power button. There are also buttons enabling  you to mute the mic, adjust the speaker volume, and connect to a paired cell phone. The mute button is conveniently located for easy access when you need to shut your mic off in a hurry (sneezes, coughs, burps, and other vulgar noises apply here). The volume button is a “+ or -” setup. Push one side of the button to turn it up and the other side to turn it down. The phone button is located near the volume button (which are both on the top-side if you have the headset in your right ear) and is used when answering a paired up cell phone. As far as the actual uses of the headset, you can use it for online chatting with your PS3 as well as any other Bluetooth enabled device. One really cool feature that I need to mention about this headset was the ability to keep on talking while the headset was being recharged. Just plug the headset into the cradle (same as how I mentioned in the setup) and you are set. The mic will still continue to pick up your voice and you can hear your friends/team mates through the TV. Very slick, Sony.

Quality: From my usage of the headset so far, I believe that it is a very high quality headset. This is both in physical construction and the sound. The actual headset is pretty solid and seems like it should last for as long as the battery life will. The quality of the speaker was awesome. People’s voices were crystal clear and this is due to the High Quality mode. This mode enables “better radio-frequency interference rejection”. In layman’s terms, it sounds great! The mic is very responsive as well. It was picking up everything I said without any hitches or hiccups. The only issue I have with the quality of this headset is with the ear clip. For some very odd reason, the ear clip seems really cheap and flimsy. It just doesn’t seem to be the same caliber of the rest of the headset. It’s a minor complaint, but still should be addressed in the future.

Brian’s Final Say: This headset is sleek and smooth. Coupled with the glossy black finish, it gives it the appearance of a new Ferrari or Porsche. It fits snug as a bug into your ear as well. I experienced no discomfort whatsoever during any of my playing sessions. Once it was latched onto my ear and I was in the heat of the battle, I barely noticed I was even wearing it. The voices came through crystal clear and nobody had any trouble hearing me either. Sony’s official headset is a no-brainer purchase for anybody that wants to play online with their PS3. I highly recommend this headset!


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  • Matthew Elliott (Introvertron)

    Didn’t Sony already have a wireless headset. It came with Socom didn’t it?

    • Matthew Elliott (Introvertron)

      I’m a huge ass, should of read the article better 🙂

  • D. D. Smith

    I was extremely happy with the old official Sony headset, and now that I’m in the market for a replacement, this new slim model is definitely on my Christmas list. Great review.

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  • other then it being smaller, are they any differences that you know of between this one and the previous version, the SOCOM one?

    • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

      I really do not know Steve. I’m under the impression (from what I’ve read) that it is the same other than being redesigned cosmetically.

  • is it available in the uk? if so can anyone provide a link cos i want this like now lol thx in advance

    • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

      I don’t see it on the UK Amazon website, but I would think that you could get it imported. I’m pretty sure there isn’t any region limitations with Bluetooth.

  • This headset is a joke, if you want a real headset go with the Turtle Beach P21x

    if you’re on a budget. you can get them for around $60-79 amazon sells them cheap also.

    • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

      Fair enough. I really don’t want a big bulky set of headphones on though. This small, discrete headset is perfect for what I need. To each his own!

    • B

      A joke? Do you want to elaborate a little? And $79 is far off from a budget price for a lot of people who just want a chat device.

  • how can you do a review on a headset and fail to mention what the battery life is like?

    • jesse, I have the original, the battery life is superb.

    • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

      Well the battery life is pretty good, but I figured since I mentioned how it can still be used while it is recharging, it wasn’t as big of an issue. Plus I didn’t complain about it either so… I guess I figured people would get it it. My bad. 🙂

  • So when charging, how far can the sound travel? What i mean is that, I sit about 2-3 meters away from my TV (since its huge) and PS3, so when charging the Headset at that distance, will they be able to hear me, or no?

    • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

      I honestly do not know the specs on this. I can test it out for you later and see what results I get.

  • I hated the original headset because the mic was to sensitive. My psn friends could hear my roommates talking in the other room. I hope they fixed the problem.

    • B

      The new model has built in noise canceling, so it shouldn’t pick up “external” sounds as easily.

      • they claimed the old one has noise canceling as well, which was just a joke so i don’t have much hope for this one’s noise canceling ability.

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  • MrY

    old one has software noise cancellation. We know how much developers care about doing ‘extra’things…

  • So I’m thinking of buying this, but it’s kinda pricey (50$ on amazon). Does anyone know if it’s worth it or if there’s a cheaper, good quality alternative (for PS3 of course). Thanks

    • Hpg12

      If u want something cheaper i will be completly honest with you look for logitechs ps2 usb headsets if u want something cheap mine was 13 bucks new on amazon and i havent had a problem yet but of course u arent getting bluetooth ur just getting a corded headsets but it gets the job done srry about txting slang i do everything on my iPod and its easier then spelling it all out

    • Hpg12

      I will be honest if you are like me you want to get something gonna get the job done pretty well and cost efficient go for a ps2 usb headset i bought one for 13 dollars it has a huge cord great quality and comfortable i have had for over a year now and never had a problem

  • I hoped for a little bit more from this review, but it was solid enough for all intensive purposes. I would imagine picking it up via internet would/should be fine in the U.K. Just use Paypal or a company if your nervous about internet purchases. I wondered for a second why someone who did such a thorough review (picture, video, presentation, content) would have been more “techy” as he/she exclaimed they were not. I have the original mic that came with socom and it is in pristine condition despite over a thousand hours of use (literallly) I was not one to complain, but after a 5 hour session I could feel some residual pain in my ear canal. I would have liked someone to compare the two or at least had some extensive knowledge of the two and could explain a bit more on the subtle differences. Not sure how long you game, but there needs to be some form of reference point in order to claim that it is not as uncomfortable for long sessions just because it’s 30% smaller. (not saying you did, but the product claims or subplants this notion.) Personally, my mic is fine, but I wouldn’t pair it to my cell or laptop. This one may be the difference, but I do not go hands free at this time to begin with. I like the fact that it is dual-paring for cell and PS3, but cannot tell you from the review whether or not you can take a call while gaming with a push of the button like with an example I use later. For the price, isn’t Sony-made official products always in this price range? And to the Turtle Beach user; I get the validity of your point, but to compare an apple to an orange without thought and refer to this product as a joke wouldn’t even really apply right? I for one, push 1000 watts from my receiver and out to 7.2 speakers in my room. Now why on earth would a set of digital corded headphones even apply? Or if one really were to examine an apple to an apple being the Earforce PBT (wireless offering) then price is the same retail at $49.99. It has dual pairing and has cell answering capability while in game chatting with teammates. I think this may be able to do the same, but to the author that was my point to begin with. (I needed just a bit more information to be sold a product based on a review. Or in my case, replacing an already functioning device that lasts 8+ hours on a single charge.) Although, the Turtle Beach PBT does not have corded charger/base cradle for microphone-charging use like the Sony offering, it does give you a 2.5mm jack plug in which you then take off the ear band and hook it to your shirt for microphone adaptation and use favorite corded ear muffs. Or you just use it as a wireless adaptation for previous corded models for backwards/cross-compatibility (being Xbox and PS3 Turtle beach corded mics can be used in conjuction) That still being said, the Turtle Beach you may have been referring to is the Ear Force X31 or X41 headsets which retail for $229.95 and $99.95 respectively and are still corded. I wouldn’t want those oranges your selling and my theater does just fine.

    • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

      Heh. Thanks for your response. The problem is, I’m not a professional. I don’t get paid to do this. I’m just an average gamer giving an honest opinion from a gamer’s point of view. Unfortunately, my review did lack comparison to the older model as I have never owned it. I also could not say anything about the cell phone capabilities as I do not own one. All I have is what I gave you in my review. =)

  • No problem. Overall, it was put together very nicely and a very clean, thought-provoking article. Keep em up. It was just constructive critisism, I guess though from other retails ‘s forums; yours had a bit more glossy “here is something you should buy when your getting your system. It conveys that, but Sony has a decent product that dies what it dats it can do.
    Thansk Agan.

  • can I listen to music/video on my HTC mobil phone with this bluetooth??

  • SkiMask: STFU and write your own review. Be grateful this guy did this review for free. He’s not getting paid, he did it for fun.

  • how much does it cost with tax?

  • how much is the total cost with tax?

  • Amazon currently has this for $39.99 free ship. Tax depends on state.

  • but like if i go to gamestop… how much will it cost with tax?

  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    Go to Gamestop and ask them. I have no clue because i don’t know how much your Gamestop is selling it for and I don’t know how much your state tax is.

  • ok thx

  • cool i bought it….but my friend said they cant hear me very well

  • can you please make a comparison of this one and the old one because im having trouble of choosing one or the other

    • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

      To my best knowledge, the only real difference is that the newer one is smaller. I would go with the newer version if I were you. Majority of the time, a redesigned version of a product is going to be better.

      • Except for the original Backwards-Compatible PS3. I have one and could (if I wanted to) sell it for like $250US. Seeing as I originally bought it for $600US THREE years ago and its still like 35-40% of its price (and going up monthly for the rarity of them) It’s heaps better than the Slim. Still… That’s if I wanted to.
        Anyway I just had to give my 5 cents.
        Oh and by the way I love your review and will get one soon and then pair it with my (future) Jabra A210 Bluetooth adapter so I can use it with my FailBox 360 Slim (the only good “slim” product on the market).

  • Billy Avent

    I thought I would go ahead and point out that there are a couple more differences with the headsets other than already mentioned. The old model would beep in your ear while it was muted, which is annoying. The new one doesn’t. Also the charge indicator is a little better now (not much though). The new one still picks up everything in the room. Also, my mic sensitivity isn’t adjustable on the new one (not sure if it was on the old one or not), its just stuck on 3. Range is excellent, I can still talk to teammates while relieving myself or grabbing another beer between rounds. Battery life is awesome, if u run it out of batteries u need to get a life man. And btw it won’t play music on most phones (tried an htc evo and samsung epic). The voice call however is great. If u want music on ur phone get the motorola s9. All in all, nice headset and wouldn’t trade it