“Case Zero” Makes The Case For Xbox Live Arcade

Have you played Dead Rising 2‘s prequel, Case Zero? Based on the metrics released by Capcom and covered by GameZine, you probably have. It is now the fastest selling Xbox Live Arcade title of 2010. With 104,000 copies sold during October (on top of the 600,000 sold during September), the game has profited over 281 million Microsoft Points. Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 came closest behind Case Zero‘s sales for October.

Case Zero is set soon before the events of Dead Rising 2. In it, you play as Chuck Greene, stuck in a rustic town, trying to save your daughter with Zombrex. Fighting off the zombies can level Chuck up to level five, which can then be imported into the main game. Case Zero will be followed up with Case West, an epilogue featuring the return of Frank West from the first Dead Rising. Effectively, if you want the full Dead Rising world, Xbox 360 is the only console to get it on.

I’ve loved the franchise, but have yet to beat any title but Case Zero.

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