Kinect Still Selling Like Crazy

It’s starting to look like Microsoft might have a hit on their hands with Kinect. Today Don Matrick, the President of the Interactive Entertainment Business for Microsoft, has come out and claimed that the device has sold 2.5 million units within a 25 day period. He went on to say that Kinect is going strong for its goal to reach 5 million copies units by Christmas. These sale numbers are coming following what appeared to be a strong Black Friday weekend for the device.

It would be very interesting to find out how many of these sales are just the device, or the device bundled with a new system, because Microsoft is obviously hoping that Kinect will be a system seller. What is clear is that Microsoft, like all game companies like to do, is having a great time patting itself on the back.

Are these sales the beginning of a trend, or is Kinect going to be a one holiday wonder? Sound off below if you have an opinion.

Source: Kotaku

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