Best Of The Bad Bunch : Introduction

Welcome to the first ever episode of Best Of The Bad Bunch where I will be delving into the seedy underbelly of games, film and comics to pull out some of the best and most ruthless villains you have ever seen and standing them on a pedestal for inspection.

Each week I will be dragging a character from the very depths of the black pits of hell and give you a quick run-down on who they are and why they deserve to be the Best Of The Bad Bunch. All comments are appreciated and if you want to make a suggestion for a future BOTBB then please leave a comment and I will make note of it.

For the first in the series I wanted to start big and gave the P*N staff a choice, the battle was between Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII) and Emperor Palpatine – AKA Darth Sidious (Star Wars Saga) and the unanimous winner was (as you might have guessed from the headline image)…

Emperor Palpatine.

So let us jump straight in and see why he deserves a space reserved next to Satan at the Christmas dinner.

Character Profile

Name : (chancellor / emperor) Palpatine : AKA Darth Sidious

Homeworld: Naboo

Born: 82 BBY

Died : 11 ABY

Gender: Male

Other notes : I will be taking my information from the Film Saga (episodes 1-6)

As a Sith lord and Emperor, Palpatine committed so many despicable acts that listing them all would take an age in itself, but firstly a quick recap for those who don’t know the background to this character. Palpatine was born and raised on Naboo where he slowly used his influence in politics as well as his abilities as a Sith Lord to become Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Senate. Palpatine then used his position to create a galaxy-wide war (the clone wars), with himself at the helm, within the Galactic Republic and under his name of Darth Sidious also gave commands to the Confederacy of Independent Systems.  Upon gaining enough political strength Palpatine abolished the Republic and established the Galactic Empire and ruled the galaxy unopposed for 17 years with his apprentice Darth Vader as executioner and his left hand. The rebel alliance eventually attempted to take on the Death Star II which ultimately resulted in his first death at the hands of Darth Vader. And thus the history I am drawing from is complete.

Ok that doesn’t seem too bad but to be honest that was a brief overview as the Star Wars universe is massive in terms of story, I had alot of difficulty narrowing this down but I have managed to narrow this down to 3 defining moments and skills as a Dark Lord and master manipulator.

Palpatine’s carefully chosen words and silver tongue are the first thing to stand out, he played the Jedi council, the Republic and the separatist movement off against each other seamlessly for 4 decades without any suspicion. Carefully planned missions and statements for both sides just proved the extent to which Palpatine had planned this and just how much his goal of ruling the universe as Darth Sidious meant to him. Frequently he would turn to deceiving the very people he wanted to destroy into working by his side and the pinnacle of this was creating the Clone Army despite large opposition at the start.

Order 66. These words would ring on as legend for years after the rebellion was completed. Order 66 was inbuilt into the clone army Palpatine had established and it was now time for him to take full control, abandoning his role as Palpatine he took on the mantle of Darth Sidious permanently. The details of Order 66 were that upon being issued the order all clone troops would turn on their Jedi masters in one move 10,000 Jedi were reduced to under 100 as the clone Republic army fired their own guns on the last of the peacekeeping Jedi.

Even these acts do not match up to what came next. After the completion of the Death Star Sidious had only one option as the emperor, he had to prove his strength. Giving his approval to Wilhuff Tarkin for the destruction of an inhabited planet it fell upon Tarkin to decide which. Eventually the target was settled as Alderaan , the home of Princess Leia, and upon completing his mission 1,999,940.000 sentient beings were destroyed in Sidious’s name.

Master linquist, expert strategist and unrelenting in his dictatorship Palpatine/Sidious is more than worthy of his place in the Best of The Bad Bunch.

Here’s what the P*N staff had to say:

Justin Keplinger –  “I would pick Emperor Palpatine personally. While the newer movies have kinda taken away from his character, he still is one of the most famous villains of sci-fi. Another reason I would pick this character is because of Star Wars Battlefront 2. The AI controlled Emperor Palpatine was a team killer, just as likely to end you as the enemy.”

Rane Pollock – He manipulated the senate, built a clone army in secret, and made Anakin turn to the dark side to become Darth Vader. That’s pretty bad.

Next week on BOTBB:

I am giving you the reader the chance to cast your vote alongside the P*N team and let me know who you want to see next week. The nominees are:

Lex Luthor  – Superman = Shouldn’t need any explanation Supermans arch nemesis and all round bad guy.

Dr Robotnik  – Sonic = Again no explanation needed for this classic villain from gamings long history.

Leave a comment below saying who you are voting for and why and I will count them in for next week.

See you then for the next issue of Best Of  The Bad Bunch.

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  • Dr. Robotnik!

  • Julian Montoya (DarthJuLiOh)

    Just yesterday I watched Episode III again…. Palpatine is a freaking genius!!

    Btw, I’d prefer to see Lex Luthor next week.