What’s Your Favorite Black Ops Killstreak?

For almost a month now all of my spare gaming time has gone into Black Ops. I have yet to even start the single player campaign, with all of my play time being put into multi-player. Despite thoroughly enjoying my time spent online with other players, there is one thing that has started to stand out: Killstreaks.

Thus far, I simply haven’t found a killstreak that I love.

In the previous Call of Duty title, Modern Warfare 2, the high end killstreaks were sought with a fervor. The game ending tactical nuke not withstanding, players were always looking to achieve the 11 killstreak titles, AC-130 and the Chopper Gunner.

Death from Above

With the release of Black Ops came a whole new slew of killstreaks. The higher end titles including the newly revamped Chopper Gunner at 9 with the 11 titles being Attack Dogs and the Hind Gunship. While all of these titles are new and unique, I feel like they simply aren’t as fun.

First off, Attack Dogs seem to be way to high up on the totem pole for what is often a gamble. The effectiveness of the dogs is often totally dependent on the map. On a good day a player can hope to achieve anywhere from 6-12 kills, with the dogs quickly cutting corners to bring down unprepared enemies. On a bad day, when the first howls of the dogs are heard, the enemy backs into corner, reloads, racks the slides on their weapons and precedes to turn the slightly rabid pooches into Swiss cheese. When this happens a player may only get 2-4 kills with this final tier killstreak.

The Hind Gunship, while sharing the same 11 kill requirement, is a far safer bet.

Being player controlled, with the pilot having access to unlimited ammo for both the machine guns and missiles has a much better chance of far exceeding the dogs when it comes to kills. The ability to move with the enemy team and avoid lock-on by anti-aircraft missiles means better chances of staying in the air for the gunships full duration.

Aerial Slaughter

I have yet to fail an aerial slaughter contract and have called in both the dogs and gunship a handful of times. Two of the gunships have been on the close-quarters map Nuketown during a game of Domination, each gunship earning me 30 kills apiece. Despite these successes, I still can’t help but to think I had more fun with killstreaks in Modern Warfare 2. Calling in the AC-130 and hearing the first 105mm shell thump from the aircraft was an experience I won’t forget. After that my goal every game was to get either the AC-130 or Chopper Gunner.

I have yet to feel that same fervor in Black Ops. Maybe I just need more time with the game. Or maybe I’ll always miss the excitement the AC-130 held for me.

What are your thoughts on the matter? What are your favorite killstreaks from the Call of Duty series?

Do you love the thump of the AC-130? The rhythmic chatter of the Chopper Gunner?

Or have you fallen in love the roar of the Attack Dogs and the whine of the Hind Gunship?

Hope to see you online.

NinjaGabe Out.

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  • The dogs seemed much better in WaW than in Bl’Ops but I still prefer them to the hind.. mainly because I have more fun on my feet than in the air and the dogs provide a nice distraction to enemy players.

    My favourite kill streak by far though is the attack helicopter as it’s easy to get and good for protecting or attacking specific areas while leaving you to wreak havok on your feet. That coupled with blackbird = arrrrrr yeeeeaaah!

  • I like having a 3, 4, 7 setup. Spy Plane, Anti-Spy Plane, and then Attack Helicopter. I used a similar one in MW2 with UAV, UAV Jammer, and then either an Attack Copter, or something similar. It’s a easy jump off, and getting about 3 or 4 kills in a row isn’t too difficult for me, so it’s a fun pay off and gets me pumped up.

    Though I would like to get those Attack Dogs. I really would.

  • i enjoy Care Package, Blackbird and then Chopper Gunner. Care packages with hardline pro is always fun cuz i mean, who knows wat youll get, ammirite? then one i get a blackbird my choppy is a guarantee.

  • my fav is the RC-XD, I use hardline and I’m on the second prestige and trying to get the 500 kills reward with it before I go to the third, on the first time around I ended up with like 488 kills with it