Crime Lab: Body Of Evidence Review (DS)

Game Review: Crime Lab: Body Of Evidence
Release: November 2, 2010
Genre: Adventure
Developer: City Interactive
Available Platforms: Nintendo DS
Players: 1
MSRP: $19.95 US
ESRB Rating: T for Teen for Alcohol and Tobacco Reference / Mild Language / Violent References

By -Holiday- I think he means Suspension.

Step into the life of Nichole Bonnet, an FBI agent whose last case was plagued by information leaks to the press.  Under suspicion from internal affairs, her boss and her fellow workers, she needs to prove herself and clean up her reputation within the FBI.  This proves difficult as she investigates a new string of murders and once again, the press is publishing detailed information about her case.  Do you have what it takes to clear her name, save the next victim and catch the killer?

Combing through crime scenes to find evidence is achieved via a series of mini-games and puzzles which sometimes calls for help from Katrin, Agent Bonnet’s friend in the FBI Crime Lab.  At the lab Katrin can assist with DNA analysis, Microscopic examination, extract background clues from sound recordings and look up locations and contact info in the FBI’s database.  The game is very linear so there is never a time when you are unsure what to do or where to go next.  If you find yourself stuck, just a tap on the question mark in the upper right corner will give you a hint as to what needs to be done next.

This chalk outline is about as gory as the game gets.

Examining the crime scenes consists of  finding ways through doors, picking locks, opening access panels, finding ways to turn things on and off, etc.  It’s pretty standard fare for this type of game and it all fits well within the story line here.  Once finding enough evidence, suspects can be presented with the evidence against them to extract new leads.

The shining star in Body of Evidence is the story.  I found myself drawn back to my DS to play every chance I had (lives were hanging in the balance).  Even though some of the mini-games can be frustrating, after the third failed attempt you can “buy” your way past by using experience points as currency – but the choice is yours – buy your way through or just keep trying.  Aside from the lengthy story mode, the mini-games can be played / practiced individually and for those of you who like I-Spy puzzles, the Crime Scenes mode will challenge you to find a list of items hidden at a crime scene.  Character bios and cut-scenes can also be accessed outside of the story mode.

The squeamish can rest at ease and enjoy this game as it  has no blood and gore common to CSI games.  There are no bodies to examine or wounds to inspect.  This game concentrates more on investigation rather than the details of CSI biology.

While this game is advertised to have special DSi features such as facial recognition, and touch-less control in the mini-games – I didn’t miss any of these features when playing on my DS Lite and did not have an opportunity to try them on a DSi.  So, don’t worry about the notice on the package stating “Additional Nintendo DSi Features” if you have a standard DS or DS Lite.  The game plays fine with no apparent gaps or awkward compensation for the lack of a DSi.

Can you find what has been altered on this circuit board?

While I expect puzzles to be challenging, I found some of the puzzles in the story (not in the mini-games) to be extremely difficult to get past – even when I had the solution.  Fortunately the help system aided me through these situations which often came down to issues with the interface – such as tapping exactly the correct spot to pick something up – or not having access to view an item in the inventory when it was needed to solve a problem.

Learning the mini-games is somewhat trial and error as the directions are very vague and lack any real instructions.  Once figured out, they become second nature, but the first couple times through will be more of an exploration to figure out what is supposed to be accomplished.

For my family, being a household full of gamers, it’s not uncommon for a couple of us to be playing through a DS title at the same time – each of us using our own game save slot or player profile.  Unfortunately Crime Lab: Body of Evidence does not accommodate multiple player save files.

The map will only be populated by places you need to visit next.

In the end, Crime Lab: Body Of Evidence is a fun game with a compelling and rich story line populated with nicely fleshed out characters and lots of puzzles and mini-games.  The additional modes such as Crime Scenes leave much to play even after the storyline has been completed.  For an MSRP of only $19.95 US – this is one for all the who-done-it fans to pick up.

  • Good story line makes it hard to put down.
  • Linear game flow keeps you on task.
  • Squeamish friendly gore-less game play.
  • Mini-game instructions could be better.
  • No save slots for more than one player.

Final Score: 8 /  10

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  • Hey Chris, I was wondering if you had had any issues with the program freezing up?
    I got to the part after I save the guy from the train tracks, take the evidence back to the lab and find out I have to go back to Malone. I go to the helipad and click on it and then the screen goes black and it makes a skipping CD noise. I guess I will have to start a new game to see if it happens again. I looked at some other forums and only one other person (in Italy) has had the same problem and no one has any suggestions (other than turning it on and off). Any ideas?

    • I played the game all the way to the end prior to writing the review. I had no lockup issues at all. I played it on a DS – not a DSi – so I didn’t use any of the special DSi enhances features. Try sending the issue to their tech support. There is a form to fill out on their website here:

      If you find a solution – or the cause of your problem – please post it here. I assume this is a “brick wall” and you can’t get past it to continue your game. True?

      • I’ve been playing it on the DS too and found I have the same problem turning the game on and off does NOT work so I filled out the tech support form and have been waiting for a response from them

        • Definitely come back and post what they have to say in case others are having the same problem. Thanks!

  • hi chris

    i am so stuck on the game and i cant move on any further which is so frustrating i am stuck at the archives office i have got rid of the guard and found the finger print used it on the cup then on the machine at the door but cant find the numbers to put in also, any clues on how to move on please.

  • Tracey to move on the code is 308… put the finger print in then hit 308 and your in…. I am stuck with the floppy disc? Does anyone know what order they go in?

    • Thanks for helping Tracey out. As for the Floppy Disc puzzle…

      Red, Green, Blue, Blue (again).

      There is a chart pinned up on the wall that helps to decode this sequence using the symbols that show up on the screen once a disc is inserted – but I had trouble viewing the chart once I got to the point that I needed it.

      Good luck and have fun!


  • i cang get any further than the archives, i got the 2 batteries but have no idea what to do with them! HELP PLEAAAAAAAAAAAASE!

  • Tracy

    Hi I really am stuck I need to find a coin at the sub station I click on hints and it just keeps telling me to go to the clown in a box but there’s nothing there plz help it’s driving me mad x thanks Tracy

    • look to the clown, the button on his clothes is the coin

  • Hi I really am stuck I need to find a coin at the train station for the ticket machine but can’t find it anywhere can anyone help me
    Thanks Tracy

  • pat

    Hi, the coin is under the box of the jack-in-the-box

  • pat

    can anyone tell me how to solve the ticket machine puzzle

  • Gareth

    hi just signed up i also require the answer to the ticket machine puzzle. Thanks

  • just signed up. I too am stuck but in the library with the books. I know what to do but it wont let me. Takes me to the bookshelves, but wont let me do anything. Have tried coming out of the game and going back in after a sho4t break, but still wont let me do anything.

  • i also need help on the ticket machine puzzle

    • the number is 30 en you have to push the green button

      • sorry, the number is wrong, confusioon with other game, it’s 04 and the green button

  • hi i am stuck on the first puzzle in the library the compartment one

  • im stuck on chapter 6 i cant figur on the right pattern to get the cart moving

  • tierra

    how do you get the cigarettes up in the apartment

  • I’m also stuck on chapter 6, getting the cart/train on the funhouse moving 🙁
    Which order do I push those darn buttons in??? Please help!

    By the way, for those stuck on the ticket machine, the button the horrid jester is wearing is the coin and look closely at his fingers – he’s making a zero and a four, that’s your number. You also need to press the green button, the piece of paper explains that bit.

    Good luck everyone!