Flash English Demo of Ghost Trick

While I hadn’t played even a bit of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective until today, I had watched the Giant Bomb “Ask Me Anything” of the game where I learned a lot, namely that I wanted to play Ghost Trick. Immediately.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game (and I don’t blame you because while it is currently out in Japan, Ghost Trick is still over a month out from its US release), you are essentially a dead guy named Sissel who has until sunrise to determine who killed him by traveling through time and controlling inanimate objects with his soul.

I know, sooo cliché, right?

While the Japanese iterations of both the full retail and demo versions of the game have been released, the US parallels are locked away until January 11, 2011, but GameSpot has managed to wrangle up a Flash version of an English Ghost Trick demo which has reaffirmed my incredibly strong desire to play Ghost Trick in its entirety.

Also, to all you Jeff Gerstmann lovers, I’m sorry to send you to GameSpot. No, trust me, it hurts me, too.

Source from Joystiq.

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  • Holy Crap! I haz been waiting for the EENGLISH demo! Yeah!