Free DLC Coming To Monday Night Combat

Great news for all you Monday Night Combat owners, free DLC is coming your way! I’ll let our friends at tell you what is coming our way,

The DLC, Spunky Cola Special, includes a moneyball full of new features for the game. Spunky Cola Arena is a single-laned arena, meaning players who are into heavy offensive gameplay (like myself) are in for a nonstop amount of action and gunfire. On top of the new Spunky Cola Arena for Crossfire, there is also a new Blitz Arena and Blitz mode. We also see the inclusion of a brand new Pitgirl for the IceMen team, for those of you who wanted more of the sexy cheerleader.

I might just have to fire up my 360 to jump on this free content. For a full breakdown of all the changes, check out Uber Entertainment’s site, they have a rundown of everything as well as many screenshots to look at.

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