Good Or Evil: Your Choice

I find myself in a strange predicament, I have several games that I have completed recently but I have only seen half the story, experienced half the game. No I haven’t been playing games half assed what I have is a pile of games with morale choices.

I always struggle to take the renegade/dark/evil/whatever you want to call it side as it goes against my personality. In some games, like Mass Effect I have managed to force myself to play as the evil jackass by deciding always to take the renegade option before I start playing the game. However this is generally an unsatisfactory experience as I don’t feel immersed with the character and playing as an all renegade or for that matter all paragon is a little jarring as the characters just don’t feel human.

I like to treat each situation as a real one, I make the decision that I would have made should I actually be that position (Although I doubt I will ever be have to make a decision between a brothel and an orphanage) Recently I played through Mass Effect again and forced myself to play as the antihero, I found that I could cope with most of the decisions as it mainly meant shouting at politicians, double crossing criminals and disrespecting authority in general, but then came Virmire.

Now I had been in this situation before, I knew what could happen and I knew I had made my decision long before I was offered the question. Despite my advanced knowledge and my advance choice, I still stopped during the Mexican standoff and I toyed with changing my mind. I must have stopped at this point for a few minutes before I finally made the decision officially, even then I could not follow through and it was one of the other crewmates that actually did the deed.

Some people may question why I struggle with playing as a renegade but I am quite happy running through the game shooting countless and nameless mercenaries. There is some logic to this after all why should I differentiate between the massacre of nameless henchman and any other renegade action? The answer is simple and it is choice. I am forced to wade through countless henchmen in order to progress the story whereas it is my choice on Virmire and my choices are real to me.

I wonder how many people have similar experiences to me, how many people treat such choices with respect and how many people just opt for the option that is going to create the bigger bang.

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  • I found a very interesting article on that one time where this guy tried to play through the entire KOTOR game on the evil side. He wasn’t able to finish it, it was too difficult to make decisions that stole the last thing of value from disabled people and killed innocents. I like it better when there are more ambiguous moral choices: when it’s hard to tell which is right. Having a choice between being a nice guy and being a sadistic axe murderer isn’t really much of a choice.

    This might be the article, can’t remember: