A Game Of Bias

There is a senseless war on video games that continues to this very day. This war is fought by gamers against those that seek to censor their favorite games. It is just a pointless battle. I’m a gamer myself but I can clearly see how pointless this war is. The question is can you see what I see? Can you feel the effects? Can you see the problems?  Do you even realize it?  If you are unable to see what I see then allow me to show you the things that I see.

Is Mortal Kombat that much worse than Sweeney Todd in terms of violence?

The war is full of parental and governmental bias. Statistics showing how video games do not create violence are ignored. Psychological studies showing that only a certain category of children are at risk of becoming more aggressive from playing violent video games viewed nonchalantly. Statistics showing how video games help people casually disregarded. A certain group of parents blame the problems of their children on video games. The government using video games as a scapegoat when they want to make it look like they are doing something. That is the reality that I see and want to change.

Why are video games the bad guy when movies are much worse? Horror movies of today are just as graphic as the video games of today. I would dare say that the video games of today look tame compared to the horror movies. Would people be more disgusted by seeing a character get blown up in a video game or seeing an actor get blown up in a movie? If the answer is the same for both questions then why is it that violent video games create a bigger outcry? All the violence you see in video games you also see in movies. As a personal example of what I’m talking about, I saw parents bring their little children to a scary, gore-filled, violent Halloween event at an amusement park.

Would you really consider this to be more violent than say the Saw series?

This war is just pointless when it is just a war of bias. There is no real reason to be fighting this war when it can easily be stopped. If people just stopped caring about how much violence is in video games then I wouldn’t have to be writing this. I just want people to stop being so biased about video games. What do parents and the government fight for exactly regarding the issue about video games? Other sources of media have just as much violence in it as video games do. Movies and television in particular show everything you see in video games. What confuses me is how is it that people can be so biased about violence? Violence is still violence in any shape and form.

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