Candy Pink DualShock 3 Review

Say hello to the Candy Pink DualShock 3 wireless controller Sony’s newest controller to be added to the line up. Featuring comfortable grip meant for hours of gameplay also has support for motion and vibration. Players can find delight in knowing the with Bluetooth up to 7 friends can all game wireless no more nests of cords scattered all over your living room floor.

  • Vibration Feedback
    Feel the controller vibrate with each hit, crash or explosion.
  • SIXAXIS™ motion technology
    Your natural movements become part of the action. And the controller becomes a natural extension of your body. The SIXAXIS™ motion-sensing system allows users to maneuver the controller itself. With this system, sensors read when a player angles, tilts, thrusts, or pulls the controller, all in real-time and with high precision.
  • Bluetooth® technology
    No wires. With the DUALSHOCK®3’s Bluetooth® technology you can play completely untethered.
  • Multiplayer gaming
    Connect up to seven wireless controllers at one once for serious multiplayer gaming.
  • Charging
    Charge the DUALSHOCK®3 with the PlayStation®3 system using the controller’s USB cable. And you can even plug it in during gameplay, so you’ll never miss a beat.
  • Packaging for the Candy Pink DualShock 3 is very simplistic Sony did a great thing with the packaging design. When shopping for a controller the product is proudly displayed in a window type plastic area on the front of the box. Writing is clean and crisp making it easy to identify with any other official PlayStation 3 products it also has the classic Sony color for Packaging.

    Installation is as simple as pulling the controller out of the package, then throwing away the package. Power on the PlayStation 3 system grab the USB cable (Unfortunately not provided). Hopefully you still have the one from when purchasing your System if not they can be found for cheap. No batteries no mess the whole process will take about 10 to 20 minuets in total time. Now you are ready to zoom your way to victory or frag your way to the tops of the leader boards with ease thanks to the quick install.

    Use of the controller depends on the game you decide to load into your PS3. You have 4 shoulder buttons, the start and select buttons and the PS home button used to get to the cross media bar. On the controller there is also a D-pad the circle, square, triangle and X buttons each button performs a different action and feel very responsive to the touch. PlayStation 3 analog sticks feel fluent to the movement on screen whether hugging a corner in racing, lining up for a head shot or ready to pummel an opponent.

    Quality of the controllers is very high as far as build goes having a daughter has helped test this very well. DualShock 3 controllers are made of a plastic coating that is smooth buttons are made of a bit harder plastic coating so the contrast is nice. Analog sticks are rubberized providing for a better grip when the moment counts. Rumble with the ability for Motion control is a great addition. Also the blue tooth feature is nice for those times you want to step away just to have the freedom to walk away without cords holding you down.

    As most gamers know the price for first party peripherals are very often much higher then third party competitors. Build quality plus overall features make the added price worth it. Sony may have made the Candy Pink DualShock 3 to be used by any gamer though females are sure to feel like they have their own personalized controller. Overall the controller feels natural to the shape of your hands. If you have used a PS2 controller you are sure to feel at home with the PS3 controller.  Any men big enough to admit they use a pink controller?

    If Pink just is not your thing Sony offers a wide range of colors:

    One color controller I wish that was sold inside the USA was:

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    • A little overkill of a review for a simple color change of the same standard controller we’ve seen for many years now. Thanks I guess?

      • Reviews are meant to inform that is all I was doing. Yes the controller may be the same but consumers do have the right to be informed. There still may be parents or grandparents that are looking to shop for a young girl gamer this Christmas.

        Call it overkill I call it being thorough

        Either way thank you for the comment

    • Yo

      Punctuation needs to be worked on. Also, what was the point of this review? It read like an advertisement for any random color of Sony’s controller, not a review.

      • Yeah I like my punctuation just fine thanks though. Point of the review was to get the word out about the pink controller. Glad you took the time to comment thanks it means a whole bunch.

    • i love PS3,,yet the question is do i want to pay $50 bucks for a controller?? absolutely NOT..knockoff versions doesn’t have the same feeling in your hand as an original. i think you should help us out by pointing out where i can find one for $20 dollars or less.

    • Lets see 20 dollars is a far stretch for price. Even off brands cost about 30..maybe if you find used or a really off brand on Amazon