GelaSkins iPad Skin Unboxing

A couple weeks ago I purchased an iPad skin from GelaSkins and earlier today I received it so I wanted to take a moment to show you all about it in case some of you might be interested into picking on up. I took a bunch of photos, you can see them all below. The prices were a little high, I paid $29.99 for a front and back iPad skin, it came with the wallpaper design that matched the skin that I bought. The quality was pretty good, I had to remove and reapply it to fully center it and there was no tearing or stretching. The skin was very simple to apply and it looked nice once I put it on. Overall the price seemed a little high and the shipping took a little long but I really like the quality of the skin and for those that are looking for a skin for pretty much any type of device, I really suggest you check out what GelaSkins has to offer.

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