OnLive Offers Flat Rate Fee

OnLive has just announced that they will be introducing a flat rate pricing plan that will allow for players to play more than 40 games as much as they want.  The fee is going to be set at $9.99 for the “Play-Pack” plan,  not a bad price if you ask me.  They are going to offer some good games to start off with from Prince of Persia to LEGO Batman.  Here are some more of the highlights:

– The PlayPack is immediately available to OGS owners and will become available to all OnLive members starting January 15, 2011.
– OnLive will continue to offer its current free trials, 3 and 5 day rentals and Full PlayPass options for a la carte new release games.
– The $99 OnLive Game System is now shipping to customers who have placed pre-orders.

Today also marks the day that Onlive begins shipping the OnLive Game System MicroConsole to those that have pre-order the system.  Here are more of the games that will be included in the Play-Back plan.

· Prince of Persia®, Ubisoft
· NBA® 2K10, 2K Sports
· Tomb Raider™: Underworld, Square-Enix
· F.E.A.R. 2, Warner Bros
· Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X.™, Ubisoft
· Unreal Tournament® 3, Epic
· Vin Diesel Wheelman™, Ubisoft
· LEGO® Batman™, Warner Bros
· Defense Grid® Gold, Hidden Path
· Saw, Konami
· World of Goo, 2D Boy

For those that have been lucky enough to get into the beta here is some information for you about the Play-Back plan.

The PlayPack option is available, in beta, starting today for owners of the OnLive Game System free of charge. The PlayPack game library will steadily expand up to and beyond the January 15, 2011 launch date. After this introductory beta period, the PlayPack flat-rate plan will be available as a $9.99/month option for all OnLive members, including those PlayPack beta members who choose to continue with the plan.

For more information about the PlayPack flat-rate plan, visit For additional details on the OnLive Game System, visit

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