Unbound Saga Between The Panels Video

As many of you comic fans know Unbound Saga on the Xbox Live Arcade was released yesterday.  The comic book themed brawler retails for 800MSP and is going to be a huge success, but we aren’t here to tell you about the game as we are here to show you the first of three “Between the Panels” videos.  So check out the video below for more insight from Rick Ajax.

Be sure to check back as we will be bringing you the next 2 episodes right here at your favorite gaming website.

Unbound Saga is based on the comic book originally published by Dark Horse Comics. It follows the adventures of self-aware comic book tough guy Rick Ajax as he battles the constant and cataclysmic threats that are put in his path by a mysterious entity known as ‘The Maker.’ With art by comic book favorites Leinil Yu (“Secret Invasion,” “New Avengers”), Cliff Richards (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Wonder Woman”), Steve Pugh (“Hardwired,” “Hellgate: London”), and Joe Linsner (“Cry for Dawn,” “Dark Ivory”), Unbound Saga combines comic book action with button throttling game play that leads players through level after level of imaginative landscapes and bizarre foes.

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