PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment Review

The PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment is a first party Sony peripheral for the PlayStation 3. Released on October 12, it is a simple accessory that allows the player to attach their PlayStation Move controller and use it as a “gun.” It was released for $19.99, but the real question is, is it worth it?

At first glance, it is easy to see that Sony was going for simplicity when it designed the Move Shooting Attachment. Even the packaging was incredibly simple. Sony, obviously, didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this device and the box exemplifies that. The attachment is safe inside the box, but don’t go in expecting any flare.

Setting up the Move Shooting Attachment is very easy. The top (“slide”) of the device can be released and removed. Simply place the motion controller gap, with the trigger pointing down. Lastly, the top simply fits on top of the motion controller and reattaches to the rest of the attachment. That’s it. There isn’t much to it.

The Move Shooting Attachment is extremely easy to use, but there is a qualification to that. I reviewed the device while playing the arcade shooter The Shoot. For that game and, I assume, other arcade shooters like it the attachment works perfectly. The “gun” shape that the device employs makes it a perfect fit for games in which the player will be shooting. But past that, I cannot think of a single game that it could be used for. A gap in the attachment allows easy access to the top buttons on the motion controller, and it comes with its own set of ‘start’ and ‘select’ buttons.

When I first picked up the attachment, I was more than a little worried. It felt like a cheap piece of plastic. But when I placed the Move controller, it began to feel a little more sturdy. Combined with the one-to-one accuracy that the Move boasts, the Move Shooting Attachment really adds to the gaming experience, when it can be used. The trigger is really the only thing that worries me about the attachment. When the motion controller is not in the attachment, the trigger feels like an extremely fragile piece of equipment.

I really liked using the PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment, and I dare say I would love to use it again. It is a great addition to the Move motion controller and it really added to the enjoyment of playing The Shoot. I briefly considered playing Time Crisis: Razing Storm, but the reviews of that game have been efficiently bad enough to scare me away. Other than those two games, the attachment is very near useless. So, in the end, I cannot suggest that anyone buy the PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment until there are more situations that it could be used, which is very disappointing, considering its potential.

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